Final hearing on final year exam in SC today, final decision will be taken?

Final Year Exams 2020: No final decision has been taken yet for the final year exams of universities and colleges. The petition challenging the decision of the UGC to conduct Final Year Exams in universities across the country by the end of September is going to be heard again in the Supreme Court today. The students who take the exam are hoping that a final declaration can be made today on behalf of the Supreme Court. The students taking the exam are waiting for the important decision of the Supreme Court. There is a hearing in the Supreme Court in this case today.

At the same time, in the last hearing held on August 14, the hearing in the Supreme Court on the petitions seeking cancellation of the final year examination was postponed to August 18 i.e. today. The hearing in the Supreme Court was not completed. Today once again the final year examinations are going to be heard in the Supreme Court. Students from all over the country who take the exam hope that a final decision can be taken today regarding the examinations.

The UGC had filed an affidavit, let us know that in response to the petitions that have been canceled recently, the UGC has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court. The decision by the Delhi government and the Maharashtra government to cancel the final year exams in their state universities was opposed by the UGC. The UGC had said that they are an independent institution, the responsibility of conducting examinations in the universities is with the UGC and not any state government. In its affidavit, the UGC had reiterated that it is entitled to conduct the examinations by September, which is true in view of the future interest of the students.

In the last hearing, the UGC had questioned the decision of the Maharashtra and Delhi governments not to conduct examinations in the universities of the states due to Corona. The UGC had said to file an answer to the order of the Delhi and Maharashtra government, which had said that the state should not conduct the examination. On behalf of the UGC, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta had said in the court that whether the exam will be conducted or not, UGC can decide only because only UGC can award the degree. During the hearing, the UGC also said that the degree obtained without examination cannot be recognized.

On the other hand, the petitioners say that the UGC’s stand on conducting the examination is completely different from the Home Ministry’s guideline on the rescue from Corona. Due to the Corona crisis, the Delhi government has decided not to conduct examinations of all its colleges and universities. The Delhi government has informed the Supreme Court that the online and offline examinations of the students of every year, including the final year and final semester of the universities of Delhi state, have been canceled.

At the same time, the UGC had directed universities across the country to hold the final year examinations by 30 September, which 31 students have opposed by petitioning the Supreme Court, the students contend that in the Corona crisis, every student everywhere It is not possible to join the examinations.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) filed its reply in the Supreme Court (SC) a few days ago, stating that the aim of conducting final year exams by September 30 is to manage the future of the students, so that There should be no hindrance in the students’ next year studies. With this, the UGC had said that no one should live in the belief that the matter is pending in the Supreme Court, so the examinations will be canceled. Students should continue preparing for their studies.

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