Naagin 5 Written Update: Veer And Bani Confess Their Love For Each Other

The latest episode of Nagin 5, which aired on December 19, is a romantic moment between Veer and Bani. In the serial, Veer admits that he is jealous of Jay and then confesses his feelings for Bani. Balwant, on the other hand, finds Chandrakala and tries to release her.

Naagin 5 written update

Naagin 5 December 19 episode

The latest episode of Naagin 5 begins with the romantic moment of Bani and Veer. Then, the story goes back 8 hours. Bani is worried about Vanier’s behavior and wonders why he has spoken so disrespectfully to her. Balwant is delighted to see Veer go against Beer, and then feels that he is even happier when Veer kills Bani. When Veer becomes jealous and tells her that his wife and no one else can touch her, Jay tries to help Bani by swatch cleaning his wounds.

Veer accuses Jay of being close to Bani and tells him that he will not tolerate his presence. He then asks her to leave the room. Bani Veer questions his Veerd behavior. Veer and Bani engage in an argument and then Veer threatens Bani. She takes her nagin avatar and tells him that she is very powerful.

Balwant, meanwhile, says he never thought Veer would go against Beer. However, Shukla tells him that Bani is so powerful that she will be safe as long as she is by his side. He wonders if Jay is really the son of Chandrakala. Bani sits in a room and tells Veer that she is hurt. Veer apologizes for his bizarre behavior and says he was jealous after seeing Jay in Bani’s room. She tells Bani Veer that she wants to be with him forever.

Veer and Bani comes close to each other

Veer takes Bani to a secluded place, saying he is going to dinner. Bani is worried but Veer surprises her with a romantic setup. Bani refuses to drink because she is a drug addict, however, Veer insists on drinking her. Then, Veer gets down on his knees and holds the rose in his mouth. It then starts to rain and Bani dances with Veer in the rain.

Balwant tries to release Chandrakala

Balwant searches for Chandrakala with the help of Disha Suchak. Chandrakala is trapped by a magic spell and is bound. Balwant Shukla has a plan in mind and asks Pongi and Dax to call him. Both Bani and Veer get wet in the rain and go inside the tent. Veer soaks Bani and asks him to sit in front of the fire. Bani tells him that she has nothing to wear and Veer gives him his shirt. Veer and Bani are sleeping next to each other. Bani shows her mehendi to Veer and they come close to each other. The two share a dear moment.

Veer starts acting weird with Bani

Balwant tries to release Chandrakala by making a deal with him but when he tries to get Pongi and South Trishul out with Balwant, he gets burnt out. After spending the night with each other, Veer gets Veerd with Bani. He tells her that everything that happened between them is false and that she should be lost. Bani is shocked by Veer’s behavior.

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