Following these simple tips for Royal Enfield bikes, bullet mileage increases instantly

Royal Enfield, the country’s leading two-wheeler manufacturer, is famous for its performance. But most people are concerned about the mileage of its bikes. If you are like yourself, you can increase the mileage of your bullet or classic 350 with a few simple steps. For this, you don’t need to make any mechanical changes to your bike, but by paying attention to certain factors, you can get better mileage from the bike. So let’s learn about those tips –

1) – Speed ​​of the bike: It is well known that both driving style and road condition play a major role in vehicle mileage. So, when driving a bike, keep its speed in the economy. Keep the speed of the bike inside the green Nissan given on the speedometer. Furthermore, do not lower the accelerator more than once.

2) – speed assessment: Most people make the mistake of trying to take full acceleration without considering speed. By doing this, the bike’s speed does not increase immediately, but the fuel consumption is high. So, keep an eye on the bike’s speed and increase the acceleration.

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3) – Shifting Proper Gear: Royal Enfield offers both the bikes with a 346 cc engine and comes with a 5-speed transmission gearbox. When driving a bike, you need to pay special attention to gear shifting. It is common for people to lower most gears in lower gears, resulting in increased engine pressure and fuel consumption. So always change the speed between first and second gear.

4) – Use of brakes: Royal Enfield bikes are very good in terms of performance. But sometimes people drive bikes at high speeds even in crowded areas, so they need to use the brakes again and again. Each time the brakes are used, the accelerator and gear shifts have to be used so that the bike does not move at the specified speed and this affects the mileage of the bike. So, considering the situation, drive the bike at normal speed so that you have to use less brakes.

5) – A little concern: To get the best performance from the bike, it is always necessary to keep track of certain components of the bike. Swatch clean the bullet’s spark plug and air filter regularly. It is common for the chain to be dusty or loose, so swatch clean the chain (using grease or lubricants) and tighten the chain from time to time. It also affects the mileage of the bike.

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