Former England captain Michael Vaughan has said before the Ashes series, what will be the consolation for England

Former England captain Michael Vaughan believes it is a matter of relief for the England cricket team before the Ashes series, when Australia are in chaos. He said Australia suffered poor results in all forms and suffered a crushing defeat against Bangladesh. Vaughn said there was an open rebellion against head coach Justin Langer.

Coach Justin Langer is strict about Von Langer and does not hesitate to make players face the truth. For this reason, players have openly revolted against him. Vaughn wrote on his Facebook page, ‘The good thing for the England cricket team at the moment is that Australia play the Ashes in the winter. The results are getting worse in every form. He suffered a crushing defeat in the recent T20 series against Bangladesh. It seems as though the players have often revolted against a tough stance coach Langer.

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Wan said there was no doubt that Langer was a tough man. Such was his presence on the field as a player. They cannot completely change their personality. She believes the bond of trust in Australia’s dressing room is broken. He said Langer was always a fighter and tough as a player. He has tried to cultivate this quality in the team as a coach. I think some players have encountered this excitingly and now it is a situation where trust between the dressing room and the support staff in the team is broken.

The former England captain concluded that I suspect some Australian players who are accustomed to playing franchise cricket around the world. He played in a relaxed atmosphere. There is not much fuss about the results. Those players may not like the rigor of the Langer.

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