Fuel sales fell in April amid the Kovid crisis

Fuel demand fell in April due to partial and total sanctions imposed by individual states to combat the second wave of coronavirus epidemic in the country. Arun Singh, director of marketing and refineries at Bharat Petroleum Corporation, said total fuel demand in April 2021 was seven per cent lower than in April 2019.

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However, a nationwide lockdown was imposed in April last year due to a corona infection in the country, which halted almost all economic activity. Due to the implementation of the lockdown, fuel sales in April 2020 were very low, so in April, fuel sales were comparable to 2019. According to preliminary data from the state-owned fuel retailer, petrol sales in April this year stood at 21.4 lakh tonnes, the lowest since August 2020. In April this year, petrol sales fell 6.3 per cent from March and 4.1 per cent in April 2019. Petrol sales in April last year stood at 872,000 tonnes.

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In April 2021, the number of used diesel fuel for automobiles was 50.9 lakh tonnes, 1.7 percent lower than the previous month and 9.9 percent lower than April 2019. Diesel sales in April 2020 were 28.40 lakh tonnes. In April, it sold 377,000 tons, 11.5 per cent lower than March and 39.1 per cent in April 2019, less than the jet fuel consumption capacity used by airlines. However, the sales of jet fuel stood at 5,500 tonnes in April last year alone. In addition, the consumption of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) fell 3.3 per cent to 21 lakh tonnes in March, down 3.3 per cent from March, up 11.6 per cent from 18.8 lakh tonnes in April 2019.

Authorities are struggling for the first time with the corona vaccine and the supply of oxygen in the country to save people in the country who are suffering from a serious health crisis due to coronary artery disease. Today, for the first time in any country in the world, there has been a slight drop in the number of corona in the country after the arrival of more than four lakh new arrivals within 24 hours.

According to statistics released by the Union Health Ministry on Sunday, 3,92,488 people were infected with the one-day coronavirus in the country, while 3,689 people died during this period, bringing the total number to 1.95 crore and the number of dead 2 to 15,542. “In March this year, we were nearing the start of the corona transition, but the new restrictions imposed by the second wave of corona have caused a temporary reduction in fuel demand,” Singh said.

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“Domestic fuel demand will only increase until June because the second wave of corona is expected to weaken. Fuel sales have suffered a major setback in April, but the campaign to campaign for assembly elections in many states has increased fuel demand. A drop in fuel sales will reduce the demand for crude oil.