Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Balaji Murugadoss wish to do farming after bigg boss

Balaji Murugadoss said that after going out, he will buy some land in the town and start farming.

The Big Boss show has reached its final week. When Kamal went out to ask Kamal what was your plan, each of the contestants told their dreams.

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The Big Boss show is coming to an end in just one more week. In this situation, Kamal looked at the competitors and asked the question, “What are you going to do when you go out? Have a lot of dreams.

Netizens have been sharing what Ramya Pandian said with a smile as she went out and wanted a good body massage sir. They have been trolling that Ramya is asking for a body massage after doing all these days and finally doing a task for the girl Nimira. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Shivani evicted, 6 contestants head to finale

Shivani Narayanan, who left this week, said she would go out with Kamal before leaving and spend time with her mother and family. Kamal asked Shivani if there was any other plan and said with a silent smile that nothing was planned. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Final evicted contestant entry to bigg boss house msb

There has been one seed sown by Ari Brother since I came here, sir. When he went out, he bought a plot of land in Urla and was very eager to cultivate it, sir. Definitely will do. He also said that there were plans to put on a tour of Goa to alleviate the stress of the house.

Many people laughed when they heard Bala say that he was going to do farming. Although Aari and Bala have a fight with rats and cats, they compliment him on one side saying that Bala turned out to be special after listening to the good comments made by Ari and trolling on the other side that he will not do farming and will go to Goa if he wants to. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Kamal Haasan encouraged Shivani Narayanan and praise her game

I’m going to spend more time with friends sir .. I just came here and shouted how important it is. Somasekhar told me his plan was for my mother to eat handmade rice and then I would take my pet puppy for a walk.

I plan to spend a few days with his daughter Rhea when I get home. Also, he praised me for learning a little to cook in this house, saying that I will no longer help my wife in the kitchen. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4: housemates talks about what will they take and give up after eviction

Rio Raj in Purmo related to this, as soon as he got home, had a good meal, took an hour’s rest, took the cart and left, and only went to the forest, the Big Boss editor cut and damaged Rio. But fans who saw Rio on the show say he would cuddle the baby first are settling the editor.

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