Ganesh Chaturthi 2020: Chanting of these mantras will be auspicious during the worship

The day of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in the celebration of the birth anniversary of Ganapati ji, which is to be celebrated this time on 22 August 2020, Saturday.

On this day everyone establishes Ganapati in their home. There is an auspicious time to worship Ganesha in the day between 11: 06 minutes and 01 to 42 minutes.

Ganesh Chaturthi mantras – Chant these mantras on Ganesh Chaturthi

Worship of Ganapati ji makes your life happy, safe and prosperous. Today we have brought Ganpati mantra for you according to the zodiac, which will be auspicious to chant during worship. So let’s know about these mantras.

Aries: ॐ Avnish Namah.

Taurus: ॐ Gajavakra Namah.

Gemini: ॐ Kirti Namah.

Cancer: Om Durja Nam:.

Leo: ॐ Namasthetu Nam:.

Virgo: ॐ Avnish Nam:.

Libra: ॐ Gajakarna Nam:.

Scorpio: ॐ Tortuous Nam:.

Dhanu: ॐ Yashaskar Namah.

Capricorn: ॐ Yanjkaya Nam:.

Aquarius: Om Vishwaraja Namah

Pisces: ॐ Shashi-varnam Nam:.