Kundali Bhagya 18 November 2020 Written Episode Update:

Mahira tries to bless Kareena as a couple, so she stays with Karan throughout her entire life, then she agrees, Mahira also insists on blessing Dadi as a couple because she can’t live without Karan, Nanny thinks she does Mahira as wife, Handing her the serghi, the nanny tries to give her a laddoo but Mahira mentions that her mother should give her the laddoo, and Kareena mentions it as if her mother had brought it. The nurse orders him to eat the sargi and serve the juice. Sherlyn receives a call so she explains that she must attend because it is her mother.

She asks how he called her in the early morning, he mentions that he is missing her, he exclaims that they love each other, Prithvi inquires about what is going on in Luthra’s house because Sarghi is going on and Preeta Karan should not be fasting because he is not her love, so she will be married Keeping it and it is him, Sherlyn is really mad. She says she doesn’t love him now. If Karan doesn’t stop talking about her and she will leave her too, Prithvi explains that she is only talking about love because she does not want to have any competition at Luthra’s house.

He does not keep any fast, he must fast because he has to live a long life and it will not happen if she does not fast. She is upset when she tells him that she has to live her life, Sherlyn explains that she is East so she can’t be hungry.
Ganad orders the nurse to remove the table because she has served Rasam, Preeta mentions returning her plate, but the nurse mentions that she cannot work, otherwise she is hungry and cannot, then the nurse mentions that they will move on.
In Rasam, the aunty mentions that the aunt provides all the clothes she needs to wear in worship, and when she gives it to Preeta, Mahira insists the same, while the nanny insists on giving her a dress.

Kareena wonders where Sherlyn is because Dan must first serve the juice, and Sherlyn arrives, explaining that she cannot continue fasting because she cannot be hungry, explaining that both the nurse and Kareena do not force themselves, and that she should not have to fast afterwards. Rishabh promises to keep fasting only if she wants to, because Sheryl says she has something to tell him but her relationship with Rishab is not strong enough to tell him.

Sherlyn says she doesn’t have the courage to apologize. The nanny pleads with her to explain everything in simple words, and then Sherlyn reveals that she has news that she’s going to become a mother, which is why she can’t eat anything.
Everyone is shocked by the news, the nurse then embraces it, explaining that it is a great news, Kareena also greets her but with Preitya Rishabh and Karan, Karthika greets her.
Sheryl asks if Rishabh is angry at her because she is stunned, Rishabh says she should first absorb the news.

She wakes up in the morning and is amazed by the brightness of the sun.
The nurse calls Ganesh to order breakfast for Rakhi, Kareena inquires as to why Ganesh ordered Rakesh to have breakfast, citing the reason that the nurse is not well. Nanny goes mad when she sees Preeta making drinks for Karan and Sameer, and she gets angry and scolds them for letting her work.

Rishabh tells Karen that she is leaving, she asks him to cancel all the appointments and Kareena says he will stay at home. Precious dizziness bothers everyone and they make her sit up, Nanny scolds her for doing love again, Kareena gets frustrated and Priya sits by her side, Nasi mentions that it is her first fast and she advises Rakhi to legalize her daughter. Karan to take her to the room.

When everyone leaves, Sherlyn mentions that she wants to be Luthra’s house favorite, but no one looks after her and they are all busy with Preeta. ‘

She suspects that Ramona’s plan will work because she doesn’t see anyone worried about her, Mahira mentions that she’s back home because of her mother’s plan. She should stop talking so much about her mother, Sherlyn goes crazy, she doesn’t love her at home because she’s trying to show her the future.

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