Gattimela Written Update 18 October 2020: Adithi Gives Druva Money To Buy An Auto

In an earlier episode of Gattimala, Vikrant was still angry at Aarti because she had not told him the truth of what she had taken. He goes to the room where Suhasini is also and tells Aarti that she will stay at Pushpa’s house since she does not want to be in the house. Arati and Suhasini were taken by surprise.

In this episode, Amulya and Vedant decide to go and get it for themselves when they see a beautiful flower while visiting the park. As she was coming back, she saw that there was another woman who had mistaken Vedant for her boyfriend but realized when she took the phone to take a selfie with him. She sees the woman holding Vedant’s hand and begins to shout at her to say she will kill her.

She asks the woman why he wants to take a picture with him when he is in a relationship with her. She begins to love the man who hates the girls and how the whole city knows about their love story. As Amulya gets more and more angry with the woman, she decides to jump on him and chase him away but the woman runs away. Vedant lifts Amulya and stops her so that she does not run behind her.

Amulya and Vedant
Aditi, on the other hand, comes to the duo’s room with a package in hand. Before she says anything, Druva tells her that he is not in a good mood and wants only a little time. Aditi replied, knowing that he was not in a good mood, she had to give him something important. She pays him to tell her that she has never helped anyone and that she wants to help him so that he can buy an auto and continue making money for himself.