Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st December 2020, Written Episode Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st December 2020, Written Episode Update – Devi commented that Patralekha entered the house with her back feet so her husband was missing. The family sees her. Devi says that Sai came completely and protects Chavan’s family; If there is Sai, everything is okay. Badima / Bhawani is the eldest of this house and she tells Virat Sai that she should touch her feet and take her blessings. Sai bends over, but Bhavani walks past, then her puppets Ninad, Saloni and Omi. Sai touches Ashwini’s feet. Ashwini blesses her and says that she should see the promise of Virat, that she will not leave what has happened to her so far with Sai and that she will look after her as a mother. Also Read Imlie 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditya takes Imli to an NGO

Thank you Usha Ashwini for accepting Sai by heart. Ashwini thanks her back and says that she is proud by taking responsibility of Sai to embrace Virat. Shivani says she likes Sai very much. Karishma walks in and says that she liked Sai at first sight and that they can be best friends since they are the same age.

She calls Pakhi to come forward. Virat says he will get new postings in Nagpur. Ashwini asks her to continue her duty without anxiety as she is there to look after Sai and also Karishma for her help. She asks Karisma to show Sai’s room and she calls Usha to show her the guest room.After a while, Sunny walks on the terrace to see Virat there. Virat says he has doubts that his family will accept Sai, but he did not expect his father to oppose him, his father was like a good friend to them.

Sonny says a father can never be a good friend, he and Ninad are the same, wanting to follow duty first and then family. Virat says that Sai has to ask a lot and he wants to make sure that she will not tolerate any sadness or pain again. Sonny says the timing is very powerful and soon everything will be okay. Virat hopes so. In the room, Pakhi informs Neha by phone that Virat has broken his promise and married Sai. Neha says she knows this will happen and someone will do the same.

Pakhi says that Virat knew that he would marry Samrat to be near Virat, but Virat broke his promise and she now has to blame him, herself or the situation or Virat. Neha says she can understand the storm in her mind, she must control it and move on. Perki says he can’t forget Virkat. Neha again instructs her to go with the situation and continue as Virat. Pakhi recalls Virat’s words.Karishma took Sai to her room and had to ask a lot and she and Mohit got married without the permission of the family and tolerating their insults can understand their feelings, all of which go on and do not bother. She says she’ll bring something to eat since it’s nothing in the morning.

Sai says she is not hungry. Karishma says she needs enough strength to deal with the situation and the family. Sai says she has faced plenty of situations. Karishma says she will teach her how to deal with family. Sai says he can take care of himself. Karishma closes the door and warns her to be wary of Pakhi because she loves Virat and is not with Samrat on the wedding night, and the next day Samrat goes off duty. Sai says he ‘doesn’t want to hear about others’.

Karishma says he has warned her and now. Sai says she is not afraid if there is anything between Pakhi and Virat, she needs to study well and fulfill her aba wish. She took a photo of Aba and everyone insulted her and if he was with her they would not insult her; I don’t know if the mother-in-law will accept her or not, she’s not scared as she won’t be here her whole life and this marriage is just an understanding; She is strong and does not accept defeat.

Ashwini enters with food, telling her how to accept defeat while she is with him. She looks at Kamal’s photo and asks why she calls him Aba. Sai says Baba and Ai are both and her mother died after giving birth, so she calls him Aba. Ashwini says they can call her Sai, Sasu and Ai; She calls her Babe, Multi and Beti. Thank you Sai for calling her Beti.

Ashwini insists on having her food and tells her ACP Virat order not to starve her wife. Sai calls her ai and cries that she called someone ai for the first time. Ashwini hugged her and said that if God gave her an ai, she too would get a daughter / daughter and always be with her. Sai cries that her aba was feeding her like her. Ashwini consoled her.Bhavani is sitting at dinner. Ninad and Omi insist on eating some food. Bhawani says the whole family is sad because Samrat is missing, Virat has done this stupid act and it has made him even more troubled. Omi says that he should not be offended by the wrong done by Virat.

Ninad asks who will take care of the house if he gets sick. Bhawani says Ashwini is already making decisions; How do they answer society when their IPS officer son is asked why he married a 12th pass girl. Omi says that all her desires have to be fulfilled because she is unable to attend Mohit’s wedding. Virat knocks on the door and asks if he can come inside.

PreCap: Virat goes to the terrace and sees Pakhi and asks what she is doing here alone.
Pakhi says that Sai as his suhagrath he should be in the room and asks what is her place in his life. Sai listens to his conversation.