Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Episode 90 Highlights

Kamal will tell Prakashraj in the movie ‘Vasoolraja MPBS’ that he can explain ‘beating … you don’t know … pudding … big nail … you can’t take the lever’. His cross-examination today was like hitting the rivet like that. When Kamal said, “Balaji … my mic can’t beat Avlo Ezia,” his tone suddenly changed to that of a vassal king.

At other Big Boss shows, people get upset when they see the show’s hosts folding their sleeves and sticking their tongues out at the contestants. ‘Put it like that,’ they exclaim. But – Kamal records over and over again that ‘it’s not his style’. One is to say it in the way of love. If that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more involved with the expat community here. The second type of which emerged wonderfully today.

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The alliance change of the Big Boss house after the men’s shortage is now taking on another dimension. Ari is the only one on the team right now. There are opponents of Ary on another team. That is, they join together only in opposing Ary, even though they have a group within themselves.

In this way they can corner Ary as a whole out of sympathy for Ary and turn in his favor. It seems as if this sympathy was expressed in appreciation on the day of Kamal’s trial today.

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Ary has various positive aspects such as being uncompromising in groupism, hard working, and intelligent. There is no doubt that he is a leading competitor in this respect.

Ary has weaknesses like that. There are also negative aspects like keeping the mood of the house tight, constantly criticizing others, recording them in the depths of the audience like the technique of the movie ‘Papanasam’, and giggling like a rooster without making an argument cool.

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Despite praising Ari, Kamal left saying his grievance was going to be an advice. “Everything you say is OK. But if you say it kindly, it will pay off, ”he said.

” The guests who came to the house often set an example for Arie. Did you notice? ”Kamal asked the other contestants. This is also an important note. We have no doubt that Ari is a strong competitor. But we only see the summary in a few minutes edited in the event of a day. But other competitors live there 24 hours a day. So the honest approach would be to consider their views in conjunction. Balaji’s remark that ‘those who ate peanuts won last season’ is in a way a harsh critique of people’s judgment. Kamal also pointed this out correctly. But it is questionable whether the results of last season were based entirely on the judgment of the people. Because there seems to be a lot of difference between the widespread mood and decisions of the people in each season. Even this season, the contestants who attracted the most attention from the spectators have left. But moderate competitors are still there. Ajith, Shivani and Som can be mentioned.

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Let’s keep to a talk that maybe Shivani will win this season. Can it be easily left to the judgment of the people? Now that Kamal is in the political arena, it seems as if he is safely pushing for ‘the verdict of the people is the verdict of Mahesan’. Because people can also stumble at times. On the other hand, there are those who criticize him, just as there are supporters of Ari.

Okay. Let’s see what happened on day 90.

They broadcast the song ‘Happy New Year’ from the movie ‘Sakala Kala Vallavan’. (I only heard this song when I was a kid). Congratulating the English New Year, Kamal said, “This new year will bring real life. If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. It will be good, “he said, referring to the story change in ‘Rare Brothers’ and the success it achieved. ‘Height is not important’ is what he came to say around.

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Friday events were shown. Ari was telling Ramya that he was nominated for an unfair reason. At first glance it seemed like something out of the ordinary. But then it turned into a confrontation between Arik and Ramya.

The only rule is that the Big Boss says in the Freeze Task. He has said this before. He is the one who will guide us in this. All of which I followed carelessly. So I can say without saying that I did not have fun playing with others in this task. ”I was really amazed when Ari explained. One thing is how Ari thinks logically.

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But it is also in the hands of competitors to make a task more interesting than what the Big Boss says. They too can make certain tasks interesting by spontaneous or deliberate thinking of certain things. Competitors are not the only machines that follow what Big Boss says. I put this logic in place of Ari’s logic.

“You never criticized Balaji in public. Ari turned the cart to Ramya’s side. “Even this week, I nominated Balaji. I have done the same in the last few weeks. Do you know all that? You go to each one and keep recording on camera the complaints about other competitors. You do it as a tactic. I will do the same from now on. Dissolving someone was my only habit so far. I will do it seriously now, ”Ramya said.

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The whole house was watching the conversation between Ramya and Aarik. As Ari went to bed, Balaji sprinkled the seeds of another fight by saying, “Don’t just complain … Ari.” ” I’ll go out. You win the cup, ” Arium replied irritably.

Still Balaji letting “love eye kattutennu what Vechu said? ” The Aryan into trouble dragging. You talk about Shivani’s name unnecessarily drawn that Balaji is truly concerned with this topic again he arampittirukkakkutatu. But Ari with motuvatutan Balaji to the piratanamakappatukiratu like.

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But, Ari, so to speak, preferring warned. “No … I want to talk about it paragraph by paragraph .. Let Shivani’s mother come and talk about it in detail. We have to start all over again. It will not be good …” Ari refused.

But, after Balaji’s continued provocation, when Ari was forced to talk about it, Balaji lifted the pillow and said, “Leave Shivani Matter …” It was a comedic atrocity. It is not unreasonable for Balaji to get irritated after Shivani started the topic arrogantly.

Ari made a strong point, “You must have been so brave and your mother would have talked to Shivani.” When I heard that comment, it seemed like ‘So, Sabasu’.

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“That’s what Balaji would say. You are the only one who can be idle. ” Ramya dragged Balaji back as the fight should not grow big. It was not fair for Ari to say at the time, “Take your friend with you.” “I have no friends,” Ramya replied. Kamal sarcastically said that Ramya intercepted and took Balaji away.

“How can Ajith be nominated as both a moderate and an interesting competitor at the same time?” Is Ari’s question. (I mentioned the same thing in yesterday’s article). Balaji stabbed Ari with the word, “You don’t just buy it when you get it.”

Everything Balaji said, “Walking from the outside is different” is a blatant threat. (This is a good thing that Kamal strongly condemned in his trial.) “You are not fit to be a captain. You are not a good competitor.” Balaji made many complaints against Aryan in a single verse.

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Balaji’s graph is now coming down just as Anita’s graph, which was slowly rising, went down because of her anger. His anger will probably be the only major reason if he is fired in the coming weeks. Others reassured Balaji, who was in tears in the Garden Area after a head-on collision with Ari.

” Don’t drag me into your fight. I forgot everything my mother said and saw that it might be a relief. In another corner, Shivani was crying, “Doesn’t that make you sick?”

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Day 90 dawned . ‘I was in my household. I don’t know how to do Love Torture ‘. It seemed like a suitable song for Balaji. (Big Boss Team Poisons).

In the morning, Ari asked, “Who threw the chapati away?” There is only one thing I do not understand. If any of these foods in our homes were carelessly left open someone would definitely fix it. Because it is food that everyone is going to eat. But at the Big Boss house where there is a shortage of food it is irritating and annoying to see them being so meek and indifferent.

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“I only watch Maina for milk,” Shivani said, adding that she was annoyed. “It simply came to our notice then. Balaji was irritated outside about Ariya.

Ari called Shivani who had passed away and apologized for explaining in what content he had said ‘Ure see’. Arie’s attitude of worrying that no wrongdoing should come upon a woman is commendable.

Kamal came in and said, “What, Ari … are you so happy?” When Kamal said that Tamil Nadu loved watching Ari’s child with love, Ari’s face lit up with pride. Kamal, who found out the reason for Riya’s name, also chiseled the romance words that Rio spoke to his wife.

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Kamal came to Shivani, the ‘main mater’, who was talking about the arrival of relatives of other contestants. “Your case is different. You may have spoken out against your mother. But be quiet. Words other than ‘Did you get it right?’ This is a good thing. Maybe your mother did it to push you to success’, Kamal comforted Shivani in a balanced way.

“Can your mother talk too?” When Kamal heard that, Shivani’s face was filled with shock and fear. (What ?! From the first ?!).

Kamal spoke to Shivani’s mother who started the video by saying ‘I am Shivani’s lawyer’. But not much has changed for Shivani’s mother, who is still determined in her position. Shivani and her mother seem to be on the line where many parents foolishly believe that ‘only discipline and discipline will correct their child’.

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His wish that his daughter should win the match was right. The love that is frozen in it is also perfect. But the problem was the tone in which he expressed his sermon. This is what Kamal said when he said, ‘You can’t be angry if you don’t love.’

Shivani’s mother said, “Language problem” when Kamal pointed out, “You spoke some objectionable words …” But it was well known that it was a compromise. “Okay … now I will support Telugu. We will put it in the sub-title, ”Kamal said but spoke in Tamil. Shivani’s mother punched Kamal in the face, saying, “Surely no one but your mother can say goodbye to you.” (Amadioev!).

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When her mother said, ‘Bolta speaks … speaks’, Shivani suddenly said, ‘I can do what I feel,’ and tried to break the conversation by saying, ‘Happy New Year … take care of your body.’ Kamal then convinced Shivani’s mother to ‘remember I criticized you’ but he could not convince Shivani’s mother.

Then Kamal came in again through Agam TV and said, “Shivani … then your reaction is correct. There is no escape for you .. Laugh .. Buy back to the game ” is the way to comfort everything. ‘It is not proper to impose their overall expectation on children. I raise my children like watering trees. Security is enough. It will grow accordingly. The glass that Kamal took for his parents was wonderful as he said that bonsai should not be grown indoors like trees.

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“My focus will be on the affected children first,” Kamal said, which is important not only for parents but also for teachers. It is not just their job to push well-educated students to the top ranks. Improving the students who study roughly is an even more important job. That is the greatness of teaching.

Kamal, who first praised Aryan for his “neutrality, morale, resilience and resilience in times of crisis”, said, “Leave a comment. Tap and ask .. no escape. But do it kindly and respectfully. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ” That’s the big minus point of Ari.

Kamal then started the long panchayat with the others after sidelining Ariya. “What’s the matter with you, Ari?”

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“It simply came to our notice then. Rio was the first to express his displeasure. “That’s the problem with anger,” Som said. Kamal praised Somai for withdrawing during the dispute. Others said the same thing Rio proposed.

But Kamal came to the side of the main enemy Balaji. Balaji said angrily that he called himself ‘lazy’ even after doing the house multiplication thing right. Somehow the ‘mask of humility’ that Balaji had today has disappeared. Kamal even calmed down a bit by responding in an irritated tone even to what he was saying calmly.

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I don’t know if Balaji thinks that ‘winning Arya in the debate is more important than winning the Big Boss title’ . Kamal called its captain Ajith to witness the controversy over the house multiplication. But Ajith chewed on his usual style and blamed Ari’s side for ‘making some adjustments’.

Asked if Ajith was clean, Kamal stressed, “It is important to clean completely.”

When Kamal came to Ramya’s side he made a big remarks in Aryan style. Ramya, who used to talk without taking off her smile, was now responding hotly and angrily even on the day of Kamal’s trial. If so, it remains to be seen whether Ari is making others so tense or whether the masks of others – including Ramya’s – are slowly slipping away.

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“Task alone is not important here. Madhavanga is also important for fruiting. Aryoda can not bear the negativity. He is still carrying the old things in the depths. That is why I am complaining to you, the people’s representative, ”Ramya interrupted Kamala. It was like seeing a different kind of Ramya today.

Kamal, who is now on Balaji’s side, asked, “Did you tell Jaichangan about the seasickness last season?” Balaji angrily denied it, saying, “I don’t understand … I don’t remember.” So Ajith had to be called as a witness. Even though Ajit was still hesitant, the witness said exactly what Balaji had said.

“People don’t even understand the movies I made. You can’t call them idiots for that. Celebrate it then … there is no one greater than the judgment of the people. They know who to take and where to go, ”said Kamal.

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There are very few leaders here who can boldly articulate their grievances against the masses. It is a kind of surgery. Even the necessary medicine. But there are more leaders here who are gently scratching the mood of the people.

Balaji, who had been converted by his teachings, was well aware of Kamal’s dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction with his return to the old path. It was as if Kamal had reached the fatigue that occasionally arises for a good teacher. Kamal expressed the same to Balaji in various words. Kamal was anxious to see the student who slipped and fell on the sand with pain.

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Balaji, who remembers the apology he made, pointed out that Ari had either happily forgotten the apology or had not properly noticed it. I thought the short film would come for this. But Balaji said that he asked Ajith later and clarified that it was not necessary.

“I do not apologize for telling you to come out and see. Sir, Ari hated me so much. ” When Balaji was stubborn, Kamal scolded Ari saying ‘Yamirukka Payamen’. “What did you do when you came out … did you scold me … did you still do the same thing?” That Kamal folded is special.

Kamal then addressed everyone and said, “Did you notice what the visitors said? Maybe you’re gathered to see Ari’s growth and compress him?

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“The best game is to look at the growth of a fellow competitor and improve his or her competence. On the contrary, it is not the best game mentality to think that he should not win, ”Kamal said. The main topic is what Balaji said, especially about Ari winning. Kamal came around to others for that.

“It simply came to our notice then. Jaicha said I will not be happy, ”Balaji explained. This is also a bad attitude. Kamal also quoted the Virumandi verse as saying, “Let someone warn you to take the wrong route and accept it.

‘What kind of strategy is it to leave Balaji talking to him and not pick him up when Ari comes to answer?’ Kamal did not fail to demolish Ramya. “Sir, I am asking you a question, sir. Let me answer ‘, Balaji dusted off the house cleaning issue again. ‘Okay .. you didn’t speak in such a calm tone .. it would have been nice if Dad had spoken like this too’ is the way Kamal realized Balaji’s mistake. It seems that Kamal would have been a better teacher if he had been a teacher. “I am just happy to be free. I don’t know any of you ‘, Kamal advised to develop the qualifications for it. When Ari tried to respond to a list of complaints from other contestants, he said, “Your response should be your behavior.” Kamal Arikum preached. “Tell Ramya to stay boring for 90 days .. stop it,” Kamal told Ari. Kamal said, “It is not my job to hurt you by talking angrily to you.”

‘There are still two weeks left. Make good use of it. Don’t give up self-esteem. But have success with respect ” Kamal said ” What the heck … you don’t know?

Kamal said that only angry people have a good sense of humor. Kamal, who came to the game of who will be saved, finally said goodbye to the news that ‘KP’ had been saved.

Balaji returned to the style of ‘Ahimsa’ again, whether it was the work that Kamal preached or the fear of the finale. He went to Ary, who was changing clothes, and apologized. Even then, Ari interrupted to start talking about others, saying, “Let it go. Let’s talk to ourselves.” When Ari said, “I told you for your own good … I have the strength to leave you like that,” the two became at peace with each other.

It remains to be seen whether this will last. But when Ari came out, he shouted loudly towards the sky and tried to relieve his stress. I don’t know what kind of yoga this is. May be the name of ‘hidesipalasanam’.

It has been reported that the ‘Juke box’ will be out this week. The man who used to say ‘my fans expected a lot from me’ walks out. Sin … he behaved there according to his nature. The man, who was supposed to be out in the third week, then escaped with a lucky card. If Shivani leaves now, the game will heat up.

It seems that the whole season will be enjoyable if LGG keeps competing with qualified competitors without bringing in kids for the reason that it will be a TV celebrity next season.

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