Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Badima asks why she called Pakhi

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Badima asks why she called Pakhi

Sai cried, holding Aba’s ashes before plunging into the water. Usha consoled her. She drops the ashes into the water, asking to take care of herself. Usha prays to God to give Kamal heaven and Sai power. Milind and others enter and tell Usha that they have spoken with Virat and they have agreed to marry Sai. Usha is glad to hear that. Kale says Sai can’t get a better match than Virat. Usha says Sai said no and she knows how adorable she is. Sai walks towards him.

Usha says her marriage is certain. Sai asks if he can’t see where this is. Usha says Virat should marry her. Sai says he must have moved to Nagpur. Milind says that he is not and will only go after marrying her. Sai says she’s there to look after her. Milind says he cannot live his whole life and he has to leave government houses soon.

Sai says that Usha is with her. Usha says she will, but can’t live her whole life. Sai is adamant that he will not marry Virat at any cost. Usha scolds her and tells her that if she is considered a mother, she must obey her order. Sai leaves the smoke.

Virat speaks with Brodeur Sood and takes updates on Samrat’s search operations. Sai walks up to him and shouts why she wants to ruin her life. He asks her to sit down and rest first because she is weak. She tells him that if he is too worried about her, why should he refuse to marry her? They attribute the decision of Usha et al. She asks him how he can accept his demand and she tells him she can’t refuse him, but he can stop ruining her life. He says he is trying to fulfill his promise. She instructs him to escape Gadchiroli, she controls Usha and the others.

She would not have come here if she had said so. She says she should be put in jail for insisting on him. No one forced him, his decision to marry her. She asks why. As he puts it, he says that there is no need to answer every question; If fate chooses to marry her, he will fulfill his obligation. She kept insisting. He says no one knows what the fate is, but today he is making the decision to marry her and accept the demands of others. She asks why when he doesn’t love her. He tells her he doesn’t hate her; He wants to fulfill his promise to Josh; She refuses to marry him as much as she hates him.

She saved her life twice, once by saving her from Jagtap and by giving blood yesterday. She requests him to go silent from here. He says he can’t say no. Why is he doing this, she asks what happens if Pakhi knows he is getting married. He asks what she means. She knows Pakhi is his best friend, but the way he talks to her, she tells him that she looks like his special friend. Virat remembers talking to Pakhi and assuring him that he would fulfill Sai’s responsibility and nothing else, he would not leave any other girl in his life and heart. Sai says she does not need her grace and can take care of herself.

Usha calls him and tells him that Sai is missing. Virat says they are here and bring her home. Usha asks Sai not to ask because she is immature. Virat asks not to worry again, he brings her home. Sai tells her that she will go and walk. Virat sees blood from her wound and gets to his car. She goes in and asks what he says. What kind of question is this? She asks him to answer her question. He asks her what answer she expects. She tells him he is trying to make himself real.

He says he wants to fulfill his promise to Kamal sir and not expect anything else from her. She says she doesn’t expect anything from him. He tells her that after she becomes a doctor, she can walk away from the marriage. She tells him there is still time and he can walk away because she doesn’t want him breaking his promise to fulfill another. He stops the car near her house.

PreCap: Virat asks Sonny to come to Gadchiroli with Pakhi by phone. Sunny gives the same information to the family. Badima asks why she called Pakhi.