Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 17th October 2020 Written Update: Virat and Paakhi emotional confrontation

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Body Ma says to stop the chat and start the Haldi ceremony, they ask Haldi to apply one by one. The lights go off and Virat surprises everyone with dancing. In between he dreams of dancing with Pakhi.

Vithal brings his bride’s dress and jewelry to his wife Sai, asking if she ever saw such expensive things. Sai shouts that he doesn’t need any of this. She tells him to show this attitude to her husband, she is an aunt. She forcefully applies Haldi and clicks pictures.

Badi Ma tells Ashwini that Virat too should get married soon, a man tells Virat that he has already found a girl. Everyone teases Virat. He asks her how she looks, and when he meets her, Virat refuses all, telling her to ask the actor if there is any matter as Ashwini is older to him. One girl says the girl disappeared, I thought Virat didn’t have a photo of him, not even his address, and how she came to his wedding, Samrat says. Bhavani asks if he knows everything, why he didn’t tell them, he says it was a secret between Shiva and life.

Devayani comes running and applies to Haldi herself, she asks where her husband is, she laughs and dreams of having children with her husband. Bhavani is going to scold her but Ashwini asks her to leave this day, Devyani says that Virat promised to find her husband, Virat found her and took her to show her husband.

Kamal goes to Vithal’s home with a search warrant, saying he won’t leave his rowdy son for kidnapping his daughter. The police search the entire house but do not see Sai.

Pakhi’s father searches for her in front of her, and she asks why he is looking for her while she is here. He tells her that she is not his cheerful daughter, she is always dull. Pakhi’s mother is dull because she is tired of leaving her parents after getting married.

Virat and family come to offer Haldi, Pakhi’s parents greet him and respect him as ACP, he praises Nagesh Ji for his passing. He goes in and says to call the bride because Virat’s brother didn’t even see a photo of Virat. Is called Patralekha and Virat is shocked to see her. They both look at each other and remember their moments.

Patralekha’s mother introduces him as Virat, Samrat’s younger brother. Virat calls her Pakhi, Karisma says her name is Patralekha, not Pakhi. Pakhi’s parents say they affectionately call her Pakhi but Virat asks if she met Paki first. Virat is silent, his brother handles the situation, asks if he can stand up and listen to everything. He laughs and makes her sit down, while Pakhi goes to her room. Virat’s brother asks what it is, Virat wants to give his wife a gift, if he has the opportunity to give it to him personally

. Her parents agree, Virat goes to Paki’s room, she has an emotional confrontation, Virat asks Paki if she can’t wait a while, she is ready to take 7 rounds with Samrat in 7 days. She was waiting for him to lose faith, if he called her once, she would tell her parents that she loved Virat and would marry him only. She searched for him a lot on social media but he wasn’t there, she worked hard to find his number, but he talked to her like a stranger on the phone, so she blocked his number. She wrote the number with a lot of love and hope in his hands.

The Virat number is gone, its all a game of destiny. That night his phone fell out of the car and another car crashed his phone, then he somehow found her number and called several times, but it didn’t connect as she blocked. She tells him not to do stories, she doesn’t trust him. Virat shows her a message written on her phone. He invited her to his brother’s wedding, he wanted to introduce her to his family.

Pricap: Pakhi tells her parents that she and Virat love each other. Pakhi’s father says Virat needs to make a decision now.