Google’s new feature draws fake news as soon as it is found

In this age of the internet, fake news has become a big challenge. Large platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google are constantly trying to control fake news. If Twitter starts tagging fake media for fake news, there are many tools for detecting fake news on Facebook. Meanwhile, Google is introducing a new feature that lets users know about fake news.

What’s the new feature of Google
In fact, Google has announced about this result feature at its recent annual conference. This feature tells you about the sources of any Google search results. Moreover, you will also be able to know how trustworthy the website with this link is. Google is working with the well-known Encyclopedia Wikipedia.

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The new feature works like this
With this feature, whenever you find any information on Google, the links to many websites open as before. After that you should click on the three dot menu next to the link. Whether or not this website is secure, Google will tell you whether the information on the website is available on Wikipedia and the link you want to read is not paid for.

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Overall Google tells you where the information is coming from, which helps you understand whether or not this site can be trusted. The feature was introduced in the US in February this year. It is now expected to reach all users by the end of this month. Initially this only works for English language results.

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