Government to impose a fine of Rs.

Source: The New Indian Express

BangaloreThe government has decided to increase the fine for those who do not wear masks in public areas to Rs1,000 in urban areas and Rs500 in rural areas

The decision was taken on the recommendation of senior officials and an official order will be issued after discussing the matter with the chief ministers on Thursday, Medical Minister of Education Dr K Sudhakar said.

The penalty will also apply to those who do not wear the mask completely. The number of people who neglect to wear a mask has increased in recent days. Thus, the existing Rs. The fines have been increased. He said targeting the respective police stations would be fined.

The decision to lockdown again in the state should be followed by the mandatory Corona Guidelines. All government office workers must wear a mask. Otherwise, there will be no access to the office. A maximum of 50 people will only be allowed to participate in social, religious and political conferences and other cultural events.

If too many people are involved, disciplinary action will be taken against the operator or the owner of that organization. Transport buses are only allowed for 50% of passengers. He said the rule was widely violated and that only 50 per cent of the mandatory passengers would now be boarded, and operators would be advised not to enter the bus without a mask.

No more than 5 people can stand in the market, mall, park, or other public place. They must also be at least 6 feet apart. Otherwise, the owner of that agency will be prosecuted. If the negligence continues, the license will also be forfeited.


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