Gruha Laxmi 17th October 2020 Written Update: Tulasi shares her pain with Ankita

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The episode begins with Tulsi explaining how to behave in Lasya’s house but Divya does not listen to her and hurts Tulsi with her words. Ankita sees Tulsi sleeping and dressing with sleeping Tulsi tells her to go to bed because it’s already late. Tulsi says let’s get this dress done first, Ankita asks Tulsi how special she is in this dress. Ankita asks Do you feel sad Aunty? Tulsi shared her pain with Ankita. Ankita cares that you are good and everyone is aunty but not everyone understands why you are aunty.

Shruti congratulates Paper boy for passing first class Ashwin exam and insults Shruti with his words. Nandu comes out of the washroom and sees a dress with basil and comes down wearing that dress. Divya asks Dad if your dress looks so good where you bought it. Ankita says Tulsi sews the dress. Mohan Tulsi is praised for his love for all. Tulsi comes there and gives Aarti a nandhu and wishes him well.

Tulsi asked him to wish him good luck but he refused to say goodbye to Prem. When I am leaving you and all of us, Tulsi says when I want a loser than everyone else here, why don’t you want him? Nandu’s father requests him to rethink his decision. He says I am not changing my decision.

I always say that I always fill my duties and responsibilities for the family when they need my presence or help, but I am not here in this house. Prem listens and rages on his decision, Tulsi tells Prem to stop, and asks Prem to not insult your father by your words, let him have a happy birthday today. You are responsible for everything.

Divya asks and we go to Lasya Aunty’s house. She asks for food to go to Tulsi Nanduvi and says that she made it with love. Watching Ashwin befriended the tuned Milk Man, Ashwin rages on her and her character. According to my knowledge, I have put everything in your bag. Nandi asks Tulsi where he is taking the sari. Tulasi says this is my wedding sari, I enjoyed it when I wore it but now it makes me sad if I wear it so give it to someone to take it. Nandu and Divya go to Lasya’s house.

Prerequisite: Nandu and Divya start at Lasya’s house to see Tulsi getting bored.