Hair Care Tips: Sleeping in wet hair can lead to baldness, which are major disadvantages

Hair Care Tips: Usually for lack of time, some people prefer to wash their hair at night rather than in the morning. But do you know how much damage you do to your hair without knowing it. Yes, sleeping in wet hair at night can cause many problems related to your hair. Not only that, but doing this for a long time, not only will the hair fall and break, but the person can also become bald. Tell us what are the disadvantages of sleeping in wet hair at night.

The disadvantages of sleeping in wet hair at night

Sleeping in damp hair weakens the scalp roots and causes the hair to break. In addition, a type of fungal infection on the scalp may be called ringworm. This ringworm is always hot and humid. It spreads very easily from one person to another. For this reason, it is advisable to wash pillows or sheets that will cover your scalp.

The Russian problem
Dandruff can be a problem because the head is hot and the hair is wet for a long time. Sleeping in damp hair removes the natural oil of the hair. This then leads to dryness.

Bacterial growth
Sleeping with damp hair increases your chances of bacteria growing on your pillow. The moisture from the wet hair penetrates into the pillow. The heat of the head creates a humid environment to harbor harmful bacteria and mold. This is the only reason to go to bed after the hair is dry.

Can be a cold experience
If you get your hair wet and you sleep in the AC room, then you may feel cold and your health may deteriorate. To avoid this, lie down by drying your hair.

Hair loss-
Wet hair is very fragile. When sleeping, we change sides several times so that rubbing with a pillow can easily break the hair.

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