Hamariwali Good News 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update

Hamariwali Good News 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update

Hamariwali Good News 13 January 2021 The episode begins with Adi saying that Mukand never wants his wife. Navya says you have no right to call your father wrong, you are not ashamed. They argue. He was angry and cried. She wiped away his tears. She asks him to listen, he can support Renuka well. I can’t see my mum getting embarrassed, she’s pregnant, she’s threatening about witchcraft, he says I can’t see her. He goes. She thinks about Renuka and cries.

Mukund fixes a screen between Renuka and him. Ike Tara… .prayers…. He looks at her. He goes to sleep. She thinks I see you more today, even if you say nothing, my love for you will not diminish. In the morning of it, Mukund goes to the market. Men tease him that his wife is pregnant. He asks Mukund for silly things. Mukund is embarrassed. Men ask Mukund for sweets, don’t be shy. They laugh. Mukund does not listen and goes.

Mukund says I will stop the business now. Renuka and Sumitra worry. Sumitra asks what’s the matter. Renuka used to make laddoos and help set up the business, now I don’t take her favor, I don’t do this favor, she says if I have talent I will get a job. Sumitra says you cannot do anything until Renuka comes here. Neighbors say strange things, come to my house with me, you have some business with my husband, make your future better. Mukund goes off. The side ladies look at Renuka and Navya. He insults Renuka. Navya asks Renuka to ignore her. Speed ​​of car. Renuka descends the grocery. Navya asks if you are blind. She argues with a woman. Sumitra and smile today. The woman insults Renuka too much to get pregnant at this age.

The woman says that Navia can’t give birth to a baby and that Renuka is pregnant in this era, wow, Sas-Bahu’s twin. Renuka says Navya does not need to say anything. The woman says you can’t hide at home, you have to ask for it for the next 10-20 years. Adi comes in and asks her to stop the nonsense, how dare she say this to them. Renuka asks him to come. When you can’t do it, the woman says that Renuka and Mukund did it for you. The man asks if you don’t know if you will be older brother. Adi defeats him. Renuka and Navya take her home.

Mukund goes home. Navya cries. Adi hugs her. She says people know this and torture you because of Renuka, people forget that we can’t be a parent, Renuka shouldn’t be pregnant, Nawya … Don’t tell her anything, she says what you are saying. They say you are there, you cry, you feel bad, but you say nothing. She says I feel bad because I can’t conceive, outsiders are outsiders, but you should know that you are an educated person, Renuka is pregnant, she has committed no sin, no family can support her. Adi tell me what I should do. She tells her to change your focus, look after Renuka, save her. Renuka comes in and apologizes. She cries. Adi goes away. Navya hugs her and says Adi is fine, you can never lose, don’t worry.


Hamariwali Good News 14 January 2021 Written Issue Update Preliminary:Renuka and Navya change the nameplate of the house. Sumitra urges Mukund against him.

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