Hamariwali Good News 22 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Renuka thinking to talk to Mukund

Hamariwali Good News 22 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Renuka thinking to talk to Mukund

The episode begins with Renuka thinking to talk to Mukund. Navya and Adi come. Mukund fixes the TV cable connection. Navya says we are going to meet mummy, you too. No Renuka, you go. Navya and Adi go. Renuka tries to please Mukund. Sumitra says that Renuka and Indu are playing a big game with us, I have no doubt, I am sure they are hiding something, we need to go out there and know the thing. Mukund thinks Renuka is more concerned about me, why. Renuka serves them snacks. Renuka spends time with her. She gets Kusum’s call. She asks him to disconnect. They say you manage your friends first. He gets upset with her and goes to the room. Renuka says why Kusum is calling again and again.

Renuka shouted for him to come faster. He asks what it is. The goon catches Renuka. The goon places a knife around her neck. He asks Mukund to get all the money from the locker. Mukund says keep the knife back. Renuka says we have nothing. Mukund says leave her, I’ll get the money, wait. The goon hurt her neck.

Mukund sees her pain. He scolds the goon and goes to save her. The goon threatens him and tells him to get the money faster. Mukund turns to go to his room. He looks at the chili powder that has been placed there. He throws it at the goon. He defeats the goon. He pulls Renuka away. He fights the goon. The goon pushes her away. She is getting hurt.

Mukund pushes him. The goon apologizes and runs away. Renuka Moore ts. Mukund lifts her up and takes her to the room. He helps her hurt. Dard Dylan K… .Place… Renuka opens her eyes and looks at her. He asks her if she needs water. He grabs her and makes her sit down. She is sleeping. He met Sumitra and wished her a happy birthday. She says that Renuka wanted to go to her mum’s house. She asks why. He says it was her brother’s wedding, I didn’t go to Sasural, her father asked me to come stay, I was thinking to ask you, what would you like to say.

She smiled and said Renuka wanted to take him to his sasural, he wouldn’t listen to me if he went there. When the wife asks you to come, she says, “Who am I to stop, I’m afraid for one thing.” What does he ask. She says I don’t want to tell you before, Renuka had a relationship with a local man, he was studying medicine, her father didn’t wait until after he finished his studies, he married you.

Mukunda says but she did not say anything to me. What she says, you are her second choice, not the first one, and when she got the kids, I thought everything was fine, I heard the doctor was still a master. Whatever he asks, Renuka didn’t say anything to me. She tells him not to tell her this. She asks not to focus on Renuka, but the children. He gets drunk and comes home. He scolds Renuka and ends his love for her. FB ends. Renuka holds Mukund’s hand. He gets away. They say our gap never ends.