Happy Birthday Mother Teresa: Peace begins with a smile, know 10 precious words of Mother Teresa’s life

Happy Birthday Mother Teresa: Today is Mother Teresa’s birthday. He was born on 26 August 1910. He was named as Saint Teresa of Calcutta by the Roman Catholic Church. Mother Teresa was a Roman cashless nun. In 1949, he took Indian citizenship by his will. Talking about her costumes, she wore a blue scaffold sari.

There was always a cross sign hanging around his neck. Mother Teresa was rich in extraordinary personality. They are also called the idols of Mamta and humanity. Today, on the birthday of Mother Teresa, Jagran Spirituality is giving you information about 10 lessons of life given by her.

10 precious words of Mother Teresa’s life:

1. If a person is someone who is not taking care or who does not want or whom everyone has forgotten, then it can be compared to a person who does not have anything to eat or is suffering from poverty.

2. If we do not have peace in our mind then it means that we have forgotten that we all belong to each other.

3. If you do not have the ability to feed a hundred people, then feed one.

4. Peace starts with a smile.

5. Spread love wherever you go. Those who came to you returned only after being happy.

6. Unwanted is the biggest disease, not leprosy or tuberculosis.

7. We do this work, it is not a miracle but it is what makes us happy to do it.

8. The appetite of love is more important than eradicating the hunger of the patient.

9. The most terrible poverty is loneliness.

10. Tell your love message again and again and again. Just like in order to keep the lamp lit, it is necessary to repeatedly pour oil.

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