Happy Independence Day 2021: Celebrate Independence Day by sending a message to your loved ones

India’s Independence Day is celebrated on August 15. The 75th Independence Day will be celebrated this year. On this day everyone greets each other and the sacrifices of the brave sons are also remembered. If you want to wish your loved ones good luck, we are telling you patriotic messages, shayari and quotes.

The message of Independence Day

1) hanging tight and firing at his chest,
We congratulate those martyrs,
On the lost country, we congratulate them!
Happy Independence Day!

2) Country is my greatest
Two names of love harmony,
Everything has been sacrificed in Watan-e-Aubru
My messenger of peace in Hindustan
Happy Independence Day

3) Beautiful is the best in the world, even the name is different,
There is a flow of patriotism, rather than a caste-language,
Pure water, pure, old love, that country is ours!
Happy August 15th

Independence Day

References to Independence Day

1) The freedom of the mind is the real freedom. – Babasaheb Ambedkar

2) Whoever does not give freedom to others, he has no right to himself. -Abraham Lincoln

3) The defense of liberty is not just the job of soldiers, the whole country must be strong. -Lal Bahadur Shastri

4) When we pay full price, we get freedom. -Ravindranath Tagore

5) You give me blood, and I give you freedom. – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Happy 2021 Independence Day

Independence Day Shayari

1) Don’t ask for time
Our story
It is only our identity
We are just Hindustani.

Happy Independence Day!

2) Some sexy tricolor flag,
Some drunken homeland respect,
We wander this tricolor everywhere,
Such intoxication is a matter of pride for India.
Happy Independence Day.

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