HD Kumaraswamy: Are you a political party with no candidate for the by-election? HDK buffet on Siddha! – Former cm hd kumaraswamy slams congress leader siddaramaiah


  • Siddaramaiah is a barrage of names
  • Tarate through a series of tweets
  • Kumaraswamy whipped the Congress party

Bangalore: Former CMs Kumaraswamy and Siddaramaiah have clashed. In the by-election, two leaders are leaving a new arrow every day. Now, JDS leader former CM Kumaraswamy has tweeted that the Congress leader, former CM Siddaramaiah, has been indirectly sacked.

One of the leaders of the DCM, from the JDS, which has flourished from the JDS, spoke at the meeting about joining the JDS leaders in their current party and talking lightly about the same JDS. He said the JDS was not a political party. Is it your political party that caught the JDS without the tempo of a candidate for the by-election? Kumaraswamy indirectly chatted to Siddaramaiah.

The Congress is the oldest political party in India. In which states has the government built its own force? Where on whose shoulders is politics? Where and who is it worth? The great leaders who ate JDS salt threw Siddaramaiah’s name without asking another question as to whether they would answer these questions: Kumaraswamy!

People have defeated the ‘leaders’ of ‘great leaders’; HDK Tong to Siddaramaiah

Asked whether the Congress remains a political party in India, where the Allies are living in contempt and is bargaining with other parties, the former CM Kumaraswamy has warned that if the Congress maintains its arrogant tendency, Karnataka will lose ground.

People have defeated the “great leaders” and the “irreparable” challenges of the 2018 elections The people have given the importance of the oath of allegiance to those who have given ‘orders’ that the party will not come to power. He will get an answer in this by-election. HDK predicts that it will wait.

CBI raid on political evil, Siddaramaiah outrage

Hundreds of Shiraz and JDS activists joined the Congress on Sunday as the bypolls were held in Shira and RR cities. There is also the RR Nagar Assembly constituency, which includes the wife of the late DK Ravi, the Congress. In the wake of all these developments, Kumaraswamy’s tweet has come to prominence.

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