Himansh Kohli said about his breakup with Nema Kakkar – People consider me a villain

Actor Himansh Kohli continues to debate about X’s girlfriend Neha Kakkar. Last year, the video went viral on social media, with Himansh apologizing to Neha. However, Himansh responded to the video saying it was fake. Now in an interview, Himansh said that people consider him a villain. With this, he said, he feels more angry and worse.

Speaking to radio host Siddharth Kannan, Himansh Kohli said, “Generally, educated and intelligent people can understand this, but they are just a few people who bring real value to the story. Himansh seems to be a villain. It’s too bad. Start talking about that.

“I think a person has to take the blame for life when there is a problem.” So let’s take it. When I’m in trouble, when people write about my parents upside down, my sister. “His family lives in Delhi. He has no connection to the film industry and my personal life.

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The breakup of Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli in 2018

Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli are known to have a breakup in 2018. Neha later married Rohanpreet Singh in December last year. In a conversation with India Today, Himansh Kohli said, “I have been ignoring such mimes, direct messages, comments and posts for the past two years. Such statements have come about me on social media, which has ruined my mood. Think about comments on your good day, special moment, your new project or someone else’s birthday and your past relationship. I still get such comments and I think it’s time to finish it. ‘

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I really want to appeal to the respondents, ‘Brother Nehru is married, I know.’ I am so happy for the newly married couple and I am so happy. I’m upset by this trolling and if people are only interested in mocking me, at least talk about relevant and current issues. ‘