Horoscope 4 October: Time of advancement in the life of the people of Cancer enemy of Scorpio will be defeated know about other zodiac signs

Planetary PositionThe moons are in Aries. Rahu is in Taurus. Venus is in Leo. Surya is in Virgo. Mercury is in Libra. Ketu is in Scorpio zodiac. Guru is in Sagittarius. Saturn is in Capricorn. Mars has come in Pisces. Walking at a pace. The position of the planets is good. The public is progressing well.

Aries-Is a booster condition. Land, buildings, vehicles will be available. It will be as you wish. Will progress in life Moving forward brilliantly. Love, business is all going well. Take care of your health Worship Hanuman ji. Recite Hanuman Chalisa.

TaurusThere will be headache. You can get upset about some things. Assessing financial status can be mentally disturbing. Health, love, business are all going well. Do not worry at all. Stay in the shelter of mother Kali.

Gemini-The economic situation will improve. Stopped money will be returned. New sources of income will be created. Health, love is good. Business is growing. Donate the yellow object

Cancer-Are progressing in life. Health is going well Love and business are getting a little boring. But would be nice Will not be bad with you Keep on worshiping Bajrang Bali

Lion-Lucky days are being built. There is a feeling in worship. You will remain religious. Health, love is good. The situation of trade is also right. Worship Lord Vishnu.

Kanya-There are slight adversity. Do not take any kind of risk. Suddenly the circumstances have become a bit unfavorable. Focus on health Love, business is going well. Worship Lord Shani. Donate a red item

Libra-You will have a good time with your spouse. It is possible to meet lover and girlfriend. Will progress in life Health, love, business will all go well. Worship Shani Dev Keep donating the red item.

ScorpioOpponents will be defeated. Stopped work will go on. The elders will be blessed. Health can be moderate. Love and business will continue well. Donate black items.

SagittariusThere is a sign of housewife but will progress in livelihood. Don’t take any decision in feelings. In love you will be in a state of I-I, but health and business will do well for you. Add saffron tilak.

Capricorn-Land, building, vehicle purchase is possible. He is seen to be progressing in life. Health, love, business are all going well. Donate a red item

Aquarius-Will progress in employment. There will be an opportunity for new business. Some work will be done with the help of brothers and friends. Health, love, business are all going well. Worship Lord Shani. Keep a green object nearby.

PiscesHave moved forward in life. There will be new opportunities. You will get the benefit of those opportunities. Health, love, business, everything is going very well. There is no problem. Keep worshiping Hanuman ji.

Ajay Kumar Singh


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