How big is the Taliban’s financial empire and where does its income come from? Learn everything

Nearly two decades later, the Taliban has once again seized power in Afghanistan. However, most countries in the world refuse to recognize the Taliban government. The impact on Afghanistan’s economy will be visible in the coming time. With the exception of the US, the IMF has stopped funding grants to Afghanistan. The governor of the country’s central bank has already said that the country’s foreign exchange reserves are zero. But will this have any impact on the Taliban government? How can the Taliban manage Afghanistan’s economy if countries like the US don’t help? Tell us where the Taliban are earning and who are helping them?

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The Taliban is the fifth richest organization in the world

In 2016, the Taliban ranked fifth among the richest terrorist organizations in the world in Forbes Magazine. Then ISIS topped this ranking. Whose annual turnover was $ 2 billion at the time. At the same time, the Taliban’s annual revenue was $ 400 million.

According to a NATO report accessed by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, the Taliban’s annual budget for 2019-20 was US $ 1.6 billion. In this NATO report it is said that Taliban leaders are trying to make the organization completely self-sufficient.

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Where does the income come from?

According to the NATO report, the main source of income for the Taliban is opium cultivation, drug supply, kidnapping, mining, and some countries and institutions are helping them financially. According to a June 2021 United Nations report, many wealthy individuals and organizations around the world are already helping the terrorist organization the Taliban. Now that the Taliban has conquered the entire country, in such a situation, the organization will also be able to earn taxes and customs duties from citizens.

According to a NATO report, the Taliban is earning from these areas by 2019-20.

  • $ 400 million from mining
  • $ 416 million from drugs
  • $ 240 million in foreign aid
  • $ 160 million in extortion tax
  • $ 80 million in real estate

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The attitude of these countries is friendly

Many countries in the world are refusing to recognize the Taliban. At the same time, the terrorist organization of Pakistan, China, Turkmenistan has a soft attitude towards the Taliban. Pakistan’s financial position to train Taliban fighters is not good, in which case the Taliban can hardly help the Imran government. But after the US withdrew from Afghanistan, China began looking for opportunities there. In such a situation, in the coming days, China could help the Taliban financially in the name of projects.

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