How to Hide iPhone Location from Find My Friends & iMessage

Find friends Your location is shared with “friends” only if you give permission to the app. You can add and remove friends here. They cannot tell if you remove a friend but if they try to track you they will see that they cannot track you. You can turn off “Share My Location” globally in the iCloud settings on the phone. If your phone is off or out of range it will not report the location.

Also, the “Share My Location” setting in iCloud is an option to choose which device you share your location with. So, if you have an iPad or old iPhone you can set it up as a device that reports your location. In this case you could really be somewhere else.

How do you stop someone from tracking your iPhone without them knowing?

No one can track your iPhone without your permission. If you want someone to track your iPhone, you need to activate my friends search and send them an invitation, if you don’t want them to track you then go back to find my friends and delete them, then they won’t see your place anymore. Parents can track their children using the Screen Time App, a “Find My” app, but it can be accurate.

Turn off location services. Go to settings, privacy and turn off location services. Avoid updating your iPhone .. Leave it, otherwise new tracking software will be installed in the new update (COVID-19 Contact Tracing feature). If you are infatuated, put your phone in airplane mode when you do not want to be tracked.

Apple likes to be transparent and in control of tracking, so everyone accepts and approves the tracking and the tracker needs to get that approval. Both sides can terminate tracking at any time. So everyone involved knows when to stop tracking.

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