Hyundai claims the Ionic 5 electric car will power the fridge, see what’s special

Hyundai, South Korea’s leading automaker, recently unveiled its new electric car, the Ionic 5. This premium sedan is now making its grand debut. In a promotional video for the company, the battery in the car is said to generate as much energy as it moves, such as a microwave oven to trade miles and fridges.

In this video it is shown that devices such as your laptop can be connected to the power socket provided in the second line (second row) of the car. In addition, portable ovens and refrigerators with larger speakers can also be run. The company claims that the car will produce 3.6 kW of electric power.

In fact, through this promotion of the company, it is trying to help young wires. For such young people interested in vacation and camping, this car will prove to be very suitable. This car is not only good for drive but also useful for handling such useful equipment.

In a statement to the media, Senior Vice President and Electric Vehicle Business Product Head Hyung Soo Kim said, “We believe there are plenty of outdoor activities that consumers can do on a daily basis with their cars.” We are constantly considering incorporating such features into our vehicles. ”

Hyundai claims it will be the first car to offer bi-directional charging. This allows customers to power their electronic devices with a car battery. Although the batteries of ordinary electric cars allow only devices such as laptops and mobiles, it is more than that.

Let me tell you, the Hyundai Ionic 5 offers the option of installing a dual battery in an electric car and a solar panel on its. Roof. This solar panel gives the car an extra driving range, making the car more than 1,300 kilometers per year. The company will be releasing the car for sale in the next few months, which was recently showcased globally.

Hyundai Ionic 5 Electric Car

In fact, this new model of the Ionic 5 is a production version of the 45 concepts presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This crossover model is offered with a 20-inch alloy wheel with pop-up door handles, raked front windshield, black roof, slick LED headlamps. As an electric vehicle, it is being offered a larger size wheel.

Driving range: The fast charging system offered in just 5 minutes is how much the car will charge the battery and it will cover 100 km. Furthermore, this battery can be charged up to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. This car delivers a range of 480 kilometers on a single charge. This electric crossover will be launched for sale in the market by the end of the year.