WhatsApp users need to be careful! There’s a new scam, save yourself this way

Be careful if you are also using the instant messaging app WhatsApp. In fact, the most used messaging app worldwide is now a new target for scammers and hackers. This new WhatsApp scam has been linked to the OTP scam. A similar case involving WhatsApp was also seen last year and has now come to light again. Let us tell you about this new scam and how you can avoid this fraud.

What is this new OTP scam
In the new scam, your WhatsApp account can be hacked through OTP. To hack, a hacker sends you a message on WhatsApp by an unknown number or a number of friends. Then the hacker will tell you that there is a little emergency. Their WhatsApp account is locked and the OTP is not coming in their mobile number. In such a situation, you will feel that your friend or relative is in trouble and you will help him. Now your number comes with an OTP that asks the hacker to share it with you. As soon as you share the OTP, your WhatsApp account will be logged out of your device. Also, the message in the app is that you are logged out of the account on your device and whatsapp is being used by your number on another device.

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This way your WhatsApp account will be hacked
The hacker will enter your phone number on WhatsApp on another device and for this reason you get an OTP. If you share an OTP caught in a fraud, you lose your WhatsApp account. Once the OTP is shared, hackers can use your WhatsApp account for mistakes and you can’t do anything.

Do this work when WhatsApp is hacked
If you get caught by a hacker and get access to your WhatsApp account, you should reset your WhatsApp immediately. When creating an account you will need to log in again to WhatsApp just like you logged in before. This brings OTP back to your number and you get access to WhatsApp on your device. At the same time, your WhatsApp account is logged out of a hacker device.

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How To Avoid WhatsApp OTP Scam
>> Always remember that you will not send OTP without asking whatsapp. Its vote will not come in your numbers until you request for the OTP.

If the OTP comes to you without a request, just ignore it and don’t share it with anyone.

If a friend, relative or family member listens to the OTP via text message, first verify that he or she knows you by calling or by mirroring. After this, if he is really a family member or friend and you understand the need to share the OTP with him, only share the OTP.