I don’t know when or where this government will go – Anand Singh

Bellary: Anand Singh, the forest minister and Bellary district caretaker minister, doubted the existence of the government.

“We do not know when or where this government will go,” he said at a function organized at the 66th National Wildlife Refuge at the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Zoo in Kamalapur, Bellary.

Anand Singh later clarified the same statement, saying, “Don’t think my statement alien. Why did Anand Singh say this? Suspicions are mounting that there is insecurity in the government, or that there is political manipulation from this explosive statement. His statement has led to many debates about whether Anand Singh might be able to shake hands with the Cabinet expansion.

Minister Anand Singh was the first to overthrow the coalition government. Vijayanagar district and Jindal Bhoomi Parbhare Npavoddi had earlier resigned as a MLA from the coalition government. After his resignation, 14 lawmakers had resigned as one. This is the reason why so many debates have been made about government instability.


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