If you use lemon juice to straighten the skin, be careful, these 5 biggest disadvantages can occur

Side effects of lemon juice on face: So far you have heard the many benefits of lemon juice. From enhancing the taste of food to improving skin color, lemon juice is used. Because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, many people incorporate it into their tried and tested home remedies. But did you know that if lemon juice is applied directly to the skin, it will harm your skin instead of beneficial it? According to experts, using lemon directly on the skin, a person can have many types of skin problems. Let’s learn about them.

Disadvantages of applying lemon juice directly on the skin –
Microorganisms in lemon can cause allergies

In 2007, the ‘Journal of Environmental Health’ examined 76 lemon samples during one study. In this test, they found that some such microorganisms are present in many lemons, which can damage the skin and cause many diseases, such as fungal infections or skin allergies. Rinse well before using lemon. Take care not to apply it directly on your skin. Take the juice of the lemon and try to keep it in the pot, mix some water in it and then rub it on the skin with the help of cotton.

Can increase skin sensitivity
Citric acid in lemon increases skin sensitivity and causes redness and allergies in the skin. People with oily or sensitive skin should not use lemon juice directly on the skin. If those people use lemon juice on their skin, mix its juice with yogurt, aloevera or honey.

Itching and rash-
Lemon juice has an acidic pH. It has a pH value of 2, which causes skin irritation, hyperpigmentation and sensitivity to sunlight. This can cause severe itching and rashes in the person. To avoid this problem, mix honey with lemon juice and wash your face after a while.

Lemon juice also works to increase the problem of acne and acne. Due to the high acidic pH level in lemon, it can cause acne and acne problems by reducing the skin’s natural oils. To alleviate the acne problem, a person should consult a specialist before trying lemon oil or lemon juice.

The skin may be dry
High levels of citric acid in lemon can cause dryness and redness in the skin. If your skin is already too dry, the effects may be more severe. To eliminate the problem of dry skin, mix equal quantities of lemon juice and honey and apply it on the face. Wash your face with cold water after 10 minutes.

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