If you want to avoid diabetes, definitely eat raw banana, here are its 6 health benefits

Banana is a special part of Indian food. Banana is consumed in a variety of ways from east to west and from north to south. If we talk about this season, it is a trend to make green banana curry, curry and kofta in the rainy season since our grandparents’ time. Some people boil raw banana, some prefer to eat fast by making chips etc. But did you know that raw banana can also protect you from many health problems.

Especially when it comes to protecting digestion issues, raw banana is not the answer. Today we are going to learn about some health benefits of raw banana.

Raw banana is a nutritional storehouse

According to Dietitian Aditi Sharma, Columbia Asia Hospital, about 130 calories in a medium-sized banana, vitamin B6 (42.31% of daily need), carbohydrate (26.35% of daily need), manganese (17.61% of daily need), vitamin C (14.56% of daily requirement) And contains copper (13.00% daily requirement).

Here are the health benefits of adding raw banana to your diet

1 fiber rich:

Fiber is rich in raw banana and fiber is good for your gut health and your digestion. In addition to keeping your digestive health intact, it also improves your heart health. If you have problems with constipation or diarrhea, fiber intake is very important to you. Therefore, eating banana is essential for digestive problems.

2 Benefit to Your Heart:

Like ripe bananas, raw bananas also provide you with a good amount of potassium. You get 531 mg of potassium in a cup of raw banana. Potassium is beneficial for kidney function. In addition, potassium can help regulate your blood pressure levels, which in turn will keep your heart healthy.

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3 Benefits of Weight Loss:

Raw banana contains a lot of dietary fiber. It takes a long time to digest, which is why you won’t feel hungry for a long time. Because of this, your cravings for some spicy foods will also calm you down so that you avoid overeating and thus keep your weight under control.

Source of 4 vitamins :

Raw banana is also known as a powerhouse of vitamins. Apart from potassium, it also provides you with many vitamins and minerals, some of which are vitamin C and B6 nutrients. It provides you with vitamins like iron and folate and is also beneficial for absorbing all these vitamins.

5 Also beneficial in diabetes :

If you have diabetes, raw banana is beneficial for you and you can definitely include it in your diet. It has low sugar levels and its glycemic index is also 30. Foods with a GI of less than 50 are easily digested, easily absorbed and this keeps your blood sugar levels under control.

6 Get rid of stomach problems:

If you are experiencing constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, raw banana is very beneficial for you. You can boil it and eat it with a pinch of salt. Because of this, the health of your stomach is very good because it keeps your digestive system healthy.

So these are some health benefits of green banana or raw banana. Whenever you go to buy it in the market, only buy fresh banana.

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