If you want to avoid scarring caused by mosquito bites, follow these tips

Mosquito bites can give you diseases like dengue and malaria. That is why you need to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Most of us know this and take steps to avoid it. But mosquitoes attack us somewhere. Mosquito bites not only give you a quick prick but also leave nasty marks on your skin. Do you even see mosquito bite marks on your skin? So today we know the ways to eradicate them.

Why do mosquitoes bite more in some places?

Mosquitoes often target exposed parts of your body. Most of them are your feet. Because they are close to the ground. In fact, as you move, your skin temperature rises. You emit more carbon dioxide. When mosquitoes are close enough to the earth, they sense body heat. This heat indicates that the blood is close to the surface. So they know where to cut them.

Why are such marks caused by mosquito bites?

Dr. Bauk Mittal, a dermatologist at Columbia Asia Hospital, says that when the mosquito bites you, you can see the black and round mark after a while. This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This type of scar can take several months to heal.

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Itching can cause infections:

When you recover from mosquito bites and itching, it can affect the healing process. Because of this you may get swelling or infection in the area. Its identity can last for a long time.

Keloid injury mark:

Many people get natural skin with mosquito bites and over time they get bigger and this is called keloid scars.

Let us know home remedies to remove these marks

Aloevera gel:

Aloevera can help heal your skin and heal it if you have any burns, cuts or injuries. All you have to do is apply a little Aloevera gel to the affected area and massage it.

Exfoliate :

When the initial injury begins to fade, then you should exfoliate in the area. After a while, rinse off the area with a soft scrub or exfoliate brush.

Use anti-ITC marking products :

You should go for scar creams that are easily available over the counter and they will go a long way in healing the skin. Use this cream every day until the stains disappear.

Massage to stimulate blood flow :

If you want to improve your blood flow, massage the affected area a little. This leads to collagen production, causing the wound to fade.

Moisturize with coconut oil:

It is also important to moisturize this part and you can use shea butter or coconut oil for this purpose. This will speed up your healing process and allow you to recover more quickly.

Coconut oil

Use Anti-Itch Cream :

If you are itching a lot at the site of injury, you should use anti-itch cream to relieve itching.

So if you use all these tips your wound will heal. But you should try to stay away from mosquitoes. Keep your house neat and clean and wear full clothes.

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