Imlie 21st November 2020 Written Update: villagers enjoying the fair

Imlie 21st November 2020 Written Update: villagers enjoying the fair

The episode begins with the villagers enjoying the fair. Everyone is enjoying and dancing when Imlee comes in and contacts Satyakam to dance with them, but they are not ready to dance at first but Imlee contacts them again. She asks him to play dhol but he refuses in the first place. However, Imli makes a sad face and Satyakam plays Dhol for Imli’s sake.

As soon as he takes the dhol in his hands, everyone in the village is celebrating and enjoying the sound of it. The whole village is enjoying and dancing with each other while the police men also come to the fair. Jnanendra tells Aditya I have had my conversation with his people and now you can have a conversation with him and Aditya is coming towards Satyakam.

But suddenly one of his men informed him of the arrival of the police and he left the place and stopped playing dhol. One of his men informs Jnanendra that he cannot now have any conversation with Satyakam because of an emergency. Jnanendra runs to find out what happened. Aditya gets impatient and decides that he will meet him today and he will come back after taking up the story. He begins to follow the truth and goes behind him. He is going back but Aditya comes and starts clicking pictures of Satyakam and his gang and after a while Satyakam notices him and confronts him about h

What is he trying to do? Aditya gives his real identity and gives his credentials for verification. Satyakam gives her ID card to Imli for inspection and she insists that he is not a journalist and tourist or ographer photographer. The police arrive and capture Satyakam at gunpoint and he thinks this city man should have actually informed the police officers. He denies such claims and says I have nothing to do with him.

Imlee escapes and says something in her mother’s ear. Satyakam snatches a rifle from the policeman’s hand and holds Aditya at gunpoint so he can escape. They get out of the fair and Imli helps the truck and escape. On the other side, Aditya’s family is looking after Malini’s parents and giving them snacks to eat but her mother is making faces and making them uncomfortable with their behavior and talk. Malini is missing Aditya and I hope you are fine and will be back soon after meeting Satyakam.

Malini’s mother says she has already booked a bungalow for Aditya and Malini as a wedding gift, and after the wedding, they can move there and have a healthy life or else they will be disturbed in this crowded house. However, her father handles the situation and she thinks to determine the date of Malini and Aditya’s engagement.

Preecap – Aditya is in Satyakam’s camp and asks Aditya to go straight to him and memorize the god he worships.