Imlie 4th December 2020 Written Update: Malini calling Aditya and asking if you will miss me

Imlie 4th December 2020 Written Update: Malini calling Aditya and asking if you will miss me. The episode begins with Malini calling Aditya and asking if you will miss me. He says a lot and she says and I’m here. She tells him that I have reached your home because your mother and aunty have informed me to come into jewelry shopping and clothing shopping.

Aditya thinks that Malini and Imlee do not know what will happen if they meet?Aditya’s family members greet Malini and be filled with love and affection. He congratulated Malini on her saree color and she looks beautiful. He greeted Malini and Imlee was trying to see her behind the wall.

Malini is shocked to see Imli and she remembers what Aditya once said about Imli and she wonders if she is the same gravel, Aditya was speaking on a phone call that day.Malini thinks why Aditya didn’t say that when she came to meet me that evening. If Malini is thinking of having a conversation with Imli, then Aditya suddenly came there and says that I took leave from office today as my work is over.

They say I want to join you for lunch because I’m free. Aditya thinks it is not good for me to tell you all the lies but I am somehow stuck in the way that I cannot tell you anything. Imly gets a phone directory and has decided to call the numbers to learn about her father.She constantly tries to connect all the numbers so that she can contact her father but unfortunately she is unable to connect with anyone.

Malini and Aditya went to jewelry shopping with family members and Aditya was trying to cozy up and superweat with them. Malini had so much sweetness to him that he did not fit you and went to his mother for a necklace choice.Malini calls her father and discusses his dilemma with him and he instructs her to negotiate with Aditya which will simplify their problems. He had a conversation with Aditya about this and I told you everything is important and Imlee doesn’t seem important to me. She is another house help for us and that’s why I thought it was okay not to discuss her.

Imlee gets into a fighter’s getup and thinks no one can rob him of money and wealth from this house.Malini’s father comes to Aditya’s house and he meets Imli and she reminds him of Meethi. He hopes that maybe this girl can learn about Meath. He left after giving her two packets of sweets because she thought he was a thief and Dev was laughing at her antics and he was enjoying her activities. Imlee then decides what to find out about her father at no cost. Aditya and his family visit Malini’s home but her mother was very rude with her as usual.

Prekap – With all the money and wealth available at home, Aditya and his family are unable to find Imli.