Imlie 9th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditya is correcting his mistake

Imlie 9th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditya is correcting his mistake

The Tripathi family adorns the house for Aditya’s engagement. Guided by Aparna maids. Aditya asks him to give him some work. She asks to go and meet Malini’s nanny. Nidhi says she will help Aparna so he can go to Aditya and admire Malini’s nanny. Aditya leaves. Imlee goes to the pawn shop. The shopkeeper asks if she has come to ruin her business again. To make Bhang Prasad a Shiva puja, she walked away, asking him to take bhang nuts from her and write her on Bade Papa’s account.

She returns home and performs Shivling’s worship on the lawn. Aparna and her team walk by and look at her. She asks why they are looking at her. They say they can worship in the temple of the house. She says that this worship should be performed on the lawn and all of them should join her. They all agree. She dances and gives Bholenath’s Bhang Prasad. They all hesitate at first, but then drink it at her insistence. Aditya reaches Malini’s house. The nanny manages his and Malini’s Aarti. Anu walks in, and Aditya touches her feet. She stopped him and told him to touch her feet after the wedding. He has forgotten that she is so blessed to see a person’s status, he means marital status.

Dadi asks Aditya to sit down and tells Malini that he does not know how Aditya behaves, but he is perfect for becoming Anuya Damad / Sosay. Anu begins to insult Aditya and asks about his education, in which convent he studied. Aditya says it is a government school. That is why he says he was not a doctor or an engineer. He has been studying for years to become a doctor, he dreamed of becoming a journalist, and after 7 years of hard work, Anu is suffering, so both his goals are met.

She asks about his salaries and raises. The elders discuss financial matters in her family, so she says she should ask her parents. Malini says when she has not questioned Aditya in 7 years, then she is questioning why. Anu says she is diverting the question because her salary is not high, she is transferring money into her account every month. The nanny stops her.

Aditya’s family was middle class, they refused an engagement in the 5 star qu dining hall and kept it in their home, they called a few guests because they could not afford it. Aditya says that if she is in doubt about the arrangements, she can go with him to his house and check himself. Anu agrees.

The Tripathi family drinks after dancing with Bhang Prasad and Imli at Jai Jai Shiva Shankar..Song. Aditya walks with Anu, Malini and Dev smokes furiously. Malini got angry at the Tripunithi family’s buffoonery. Aparna greets her and asks how they got to their house. Says Rupali’s house. Aparna welcomes Anu in her home.

Anu asks Aditya if her family arranges this, but her guests do not practice it, so it is final because she wants the engagement function in her house and does not want to embarrass her in front of her guests; This house and family do not seem to be suitable for engagement, she has to make arrangements at short notice so she goes out and walks with Dev. Aditi asks Malini to go and looks at the family angrily.

Dulari at Satyakam Temple walks Moussi and tells her that God will not forgive her sins. Dulary cries as if she were her aunt and mother. Satyakam says he will kill her for ruining Imli’s life and shoots, but Mithi pushes her hand and saves Dulari, telling her that she will not let her kill her mum, promising God and the village. Satyakam disagrees. She promises Imli. He stops and tells Dula that she has ruined Imli’s life, but Imli’s promise saved her. Dulari runs away from there.

Tripathi gets into his consciousness and asks when Aditya is coming. Aditya has informed that their engagement is at Malini’s house. The family asks how that is possible. Aditya says Anu has seen all his plays and insulted them because of them. Imlee hides behind the family. Aditya calls her and tells her that because of her, he has lost his hard-earned dignity and packs her bags and goes back to Pagdandia. Imlee gets tense. Satyakam tells Mithi that he can see Imly worried, so he takes him to Delhi to meet Imli.

Precape: Aditya is correcting his mistake and tells the family that no one will stop him, he sends Imli to Pagdandia. Aparna says Imlee was a child and made a mistake. Imli is spoiled by her cuddle, she may give Imli some money, but Aditya says he will not let her stay in his house.