Imlie: Malini has lost her husband even in real life, she has not forgotten the tragic accident till date.

Imlie’s Malini aka Mayuri Deshmukh react on losing husband Aashutosh by suicide last year: Star Plus serial ‘Tamarind’ (Imlie) Malini’s married life is not going well. She is unable to understand Aditya’s confusion even if she wants to. Malini is starting to feel that now her and Aditya’s relationship will not last very long. Malini is starting to fear that she should not lose Aditya anywhere. Even in real life, Malini i.e. Mayuri Deshmukh has faced such difficulties.

In the last three years, Mayuri Deshmukh has seen a bad time in his life. Mayuri Deshmukh’s husband has died. Mayuri Deshmukh’s husband Ashutosh Bhakre committed suicide last year. Like Sushant Singh Rajput, Mayuri Deshmukh’s husband embraced death in July 2020. The death of her husband severely broke Mayuri Deshmukh.

With time, Mayuri Deshmukh handled himself and tried to move forward. These days, Mayuri Deshmukh is seen in the serial Imli. Mayuri Deshmukh ever spoke to the media about her husband. Shortly before Mayuri Deshmukh broke the silence over the death of her husband. In her latest interview, Mayuri Deshmukh has told how much she misses her husband.

Speaking to the Times of India, Mayuri Deshmukh said, ‘They are still a part of my life. I still love her very much today. Why do people think that I cannot spend my life alone? Ashutosh’s love is enough to be alone. Mayuri Deshmukh’s husband Ashutosh was very close to his niece. Mayuri Deshmukh’s husband loved children very much. ‘

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Talking about this, Mayuri Deshmukh said, ‘I am thinking about raising children after Ashutosh leaves. Maybe I adopt a child. What is the need for children to remarry?


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