Imlie Spoiler Alert: Aditya will hold his feet and apologize for all his mistakes before leaving, tears of blood.

Imlie Spoiler Alert 20 March 2021 Episode No 108: Aditya to apologize Imlie: Star Plus Serial ‘Tamarind’ (Imlie) In it, Aditya’s life has become entangled between Imli and Malini. Aditya has come to the footpath without telling anyone to bring back the tamarind. In the serial tamarind story so far, you saw that Aditya celebrated the festival of Mahashivratri in association with tamarind. During this, Aditya danced heavily with tamarind.

Aditya is getting irritated by the friendship of Tamarind and Prakash. This is the reason why he keeps hovering around tamarind. In the last episode, Aditya and Imli lit a votive lamp. The tamarind (Sumbul Touqueer Khan) and Aditya stayed up all night to look after this lamp. When Tamarind’s maternal grandmother tried to light this lamp, Aditya saved the lamp from extinguishing by burning his hands. Seeing this love of Aditya, Tamarind becomes emotional.

After which Tamarind takes news of her grandmother. The next day Aditya decides to go back to his house. In the mind, he wants to stay with the tamarind. Before leaving, Aditya is about to apologize to Tamarind. On the show of Sumbul Tauqir Khan and Gashmeer Mahajani, you will see that before Aditya leaves, Nani will allege that her marriage is a lie.

Nani will say that Aditya does not want to live with tamarind. After hearing this, Aditya will come in support of tamarind. Aditya will reveal that Tamarind is his wife and no one can separate them. The tamarind will cry bitterly after hearing this.

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During this, Aditya will apologize to Imli for all his mistakes. Aditya will say that Tamarind’s life has been ruined because of him. Speaking of this, Aditya will fall in the legs of tamarind. Aditya would cry while being separated from tamarind. Seeing this situation of Aditya, Tamarind’s heart will also be upset.


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