Imran Khan said – When I came from India, I came from a poor country to a rich country.

When Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the country on Thursday, he sought to gain sympathy by describing the corruption in politics and the woes of the common people. Imran said that Pakistan is in this state today due to political corruption. Imran said Pakistan’s example was once given. Going to Pakistan after playing from Hindustan in the 80s, it seems that the poor have come from a rich country to a rich country, he said.

Imran Khan said his intention was to eliminate corruption from politics and hence he came into politics even after he had a lot of fame and money. “My parents were born into Hindustan slaves,” said Imran Khan. I am the first Pakistani born in Azad country. We were so proud of our country as our country got up. The example of Pakistan was given to the world 50-55 years ago. Pakistan was famous in the world. When our president went, the American president came to pick him up at the airport. We were going upstairs. ”

Imran continues, “I have seen my country slowly decline. After 1985, when tragedy struck, corruption hit the skies, it was a turning point. At a time when money was starting to move in politics, we were slowly looking at money … why would anyone come into politics to make money. Hindustan should tell the difference of Pakistan When I came to Pakistan from India playing cricket, I was hoping that I came from a poor country to a rich country.

I live in many other countries, one country going forward and one country lagging behind. That is justice. In the eyes of powerful and weak law, there must be one. Such countries will be destroyed if there is no other law for the strong and the weak. Imran Khan said all the variables in the country’s prisons would not even steal 2-3 billion rupees, but a person sitting in the prime minister’s office would only steal billions and the public would have to pay the price.

What is the reality of Imran Khan’s statement?
Imran Khan said India was a poorer country until 1985 compared to Pakistan. However, the reality is completely different. It is true that for a long time after independence, the two countries had to struggle a lot to fight poverty, but India was far ahead of Pakistan at that time when comparing the GDP of both countries in 1985. In 1985, Pakistan’s GDP was only 1 31.14 billion, while India’s GDP was 232.51 billion. Imran’s truth is that after the 90s Pakistan went into the bin and on the other hand, economic growth gained new momentum in India and now there is a ground-to-sky difference between the two countries.