In April, electricity consumption increased 41 percent over the previous year

Electricity consumption in the country increased by 41 per cent to 119.27 billion units in April 2021. This data from the Ministry of Power is considered a sign of good improvement in industrial and commercial functions.

Due to a public restriction on the movement for the prevention of Covid 19, electricity consumption was reduced to 84.55 billion units in April 2020 compared to 110,000.11 billion units in April 2019.

The highest electricity demand in April of this year, ie, the highest supply in the first fortnight, exceeded the maximum of 132,000.20 MW recorded in April last year. In April 2021 the supply reached 182,000.55 MW per day. This is 38 per cent higher than the peak supply in April last year. The previous year’s record was 132000.73 MW.

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