INDEVENG: Nasir Hussain said England could return to the series by meeting the deficit

The four-Test series is being played between England and India. After the first two Tests of the series, both teams are at 1-1. England won the first Test by 227 runs, while India won the second Test by 317 runs. Former England captain Nasir Hussain has said that England need to work on the deficit in the next two Tests. Instead of weeping over Indian pitches, Nasser Hussain argued that England should focus on the conscience of their spin department.

Hussein said the biggest problem for England was maintaining the dome base. Hussein wrote in his column on ‘Sky Sports’ that’ England should at least improve the sections that look better than shouting pitch, toss, DRS, umpire or anything like that. I hope they do. ” While they are getting wickets, the big thing is the lack of consistency in the spin department, ” he said. It’s not just about this Test match. If you look at the Sri Lanka tour, Jack Leach and Dom Bass got wickets but there was a lack of consistency especially at the original length.

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‘Moin Ali bowls some balls well’

Hussein said India’s spinners bowled better than England spinners and that even experienced Moin Ali had no control over his balls. He said, ‘Ali took eight wickets (in the second Test) and he made some good balls like the ball, he took Virat Kohli’s wicket in the first innings and dismissed it twice. You didn’t want four wickets in 128 runs.

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Hussein explained the cause of England’s defeat

Hussein said, ‘When you compare how two Indian spinners bowled, they did nothing magically but they controlled their balls. If you ask me the main reason for England’s defeat, see how two Indian spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Akshar Patel bowled. He was more conscientious than the English spinners.