Indiawaali Maa 21th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohan Chen grabs a hand and gets closer

Indiawaali Maa 21th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohan Chen grabs a hand and gets closer

Rohan and Kaku making love vows in front of NRI customers. Kaku smiled. Rohan Chen grabs a hand and gets closer. Cheung asks her to drop her hand. She gets angry. She makes the plate fall. The plate breaks. Keanu angrily rebukes Rohan. Rohan stops her and asks if it’s my fault all the time.

Kinu is my fault I am with you. Rohan asks why you are here, get out of here. Rohan goes angrily. Kaku smiled and turned to him. He asks if the acting was good. She’s great. She asks what it is, you said a love vow. The guy comes to explain him. Kaku remembers asking the couple to explain Rohan and Chinu.

Kaku says yes, we go to a coffee cafe. Rohan agrees. Kaku Messages Bully. Akshay called the fool and told him we were leaving, reschedule the meeting. Bully is fine, I do. Kaku takes Rohan and the man to the cafe. She is signing Cheenu.

Ek Tukda Dhoop Ka… .Place…. They order coffee. The guy looks at the girl. Rohan looks at Chenu. They have coffee. Akshay comes to the office. He turns off the lights. He asks Harish what happened.

The party was over, I was going too, Harish says Rohan and Chinu quarreled. As Rokun and Chinu quarrel in the office, they fight in the morning, they don’t want to be together, as in your fight, sorry, you have no right to tell me in your personal life, you have told me what happened in your marriage. She didn’t ask me and accepted the job offer, the guy says what does marriage mean if we don’t stay together.

Kaku you are right, you like India. They say yes, I love India. He says that if you got a job in India, he would come here to live with you. The girl says okay. Kaku asks what’s the problem, it’s your life, I need your help to get my kids together. They agree. Kaku tells him a plan.

The couple picks up the roses and goes to Rohan and Chenu to explain them. They unite Rohan and Chenu. Kinu stops and says you guys are not sorry for each other, why do I take your advice. Sorry girl, that was my fault, I had to discuss work. The guy even says sorry. I don’t want to overreact, I’m happy if you’re happy, thanks skill, we would have been lost if we hadn’t been here, our marriage would be done, he says. Kaku says thank you Mata Rani, bless you, we are going to Diwali Aarti. Chenu asks them to come. Thanks for the hugs and hugs.

The couple romances with Rohan and Chinu. He greets Kaku and takes a leave. Chenu embraces Rohan and hugs him to thank him. Akshay looks at him angrily. They say you wanted to stay away from Rohan. She said yes, the client came after you went, Rohan came for the project. Akshay just imagine, I’m stuck there, that’s how, married couples act. Customers go back and ask for the play act.

The guy asks is it a lie. Kaku says yes, it’s good to lie if it does good, you both love each other and we got you back. The man thanks Akshay for saving his relationship. Thank you girl. She takes off her purse. Akshay Kaku won again, you helped me and my company, how do I pay on your behalf. They get the bill and your bill of action says the bill. He just asks Rohan to pay the 4000 s bill. He insults Roh. Chenu looks up.