International Dog Day 2020: Let’s appreciate our furry best friends

International Dog Day is celebrated on August 26 every year to promote dog ownership of all breeds. It celebrates all dogs and encourages adoption. A lot of people in India are taking the idea of ​​adopting a stray dog.

Neighbors are the most intelligent and quick learners of community dogs living on the streets. They also make good running companions. No one can win hearts like a man’s best friend, and dogs are best companions, and the bond between man and canine is great regardless of their breed.

The dog shelter and rescue is packed with loving, active and healthy adopted dogs, waiting for someone to take them home. An unofficial holiday is sometimes called a World Dog Day, National Dog Appreciation Day or International Dog Day. The holiday is aimed at raising awareness about the importance of providing a safe and loving environment for dog adoption and rescue dogs.

  • Here’s how to adopt a dog: Follow the steps
  • Look for a rescue or nearby dog ​​shelter home.
  • Visit the shelter and try to bond with the dog.
  • Get medical records and dog history.
  • Follow the necessary and necessary procedures.
  • Sign up for adoption letters
    “Dogs and babies are the only creatures that have evolved enough to convey pure love.” —Johnny Depp

“There are three loyal friends: an old wife, an old dog and ready money.” En Benjamin Franklin

“When the man woke up, he said, ‘What’s the wild dog doing here?’ And the woman said, ‘His name is not the wild dog, but the first friend because he has always and always and always been our friend.’ ”Ud Rudyard Kipling

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