Intimate area care tips you should know

Oh pubic hair! Whether you like shave or wax or nothing, It is important for everyone to talk about the subject of pubic hair. Having or not having pubic hair is both the right decision – although having pubic hair is better for the health of your vagina. But it is every woman’s own wish that cannot be questioned.

still, It is important to know how to take care of the intimate area. Not just keeping hair or not, Correct cleaning, Use of the right wash and most important, It is also very important to know what not to use.

We tell you some rules which are very important for your pubic hair and intimate area.

1. Cleanliness is most important

Your vagina can clean itself, But not your pubic hair. Whether you shave or trim pubic area hair, A few drops remain in the pubic hair while urinating. So it is important that you clean your pubic area daily with soap.

2. Use new razor every time

If you like shaving instead of wax, So this rule is important for you. Use a new razor to shave each time. This will reduce your risk of infection and the problem of ingrown hair with fresh razor will also be reduced. If the new razor is sharp then you will not have the problem of razor burn.

3. Do not make the mistake of shaving without foam

The way you use soap or shaving cream for your feet, In the same way Even when shaving pubic hair Do it Before shaving, make a lot of foam with soap or shaving cream. This will reduce friction while shaving and reduce the risk of cutting.

4. Stay away from fragrance products

Whether you have pubic hair or not, Do not use any product that has added fragrance. Hazardous chemicals are added to these products for fragrance, which are not good for the health of your vagina.


If you shave or wax, your skin is more sensitive, So stay away from fragrant products. Take special care when choosing a moisturizer or cream.

5. Do not wear tight clothes

This rule is most important. Cleaning the intimate area, Moisturizing is useless if your vagina cannot breathe. Tight clothes prevent air flow in your intimate area. This keeps moisture inside and there is a risk of yeast infection.

Wear cotton underwear to pass the wind. If possible, So sleep at night wearing very loose shorts without underwear.

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