Is it right or wrong to apply Kajal in the eyes of a child? You may be surprised

Is it safe to apply kajal to newborn eyes: The practice of applying kajal in the eyes of children has been going on since the time of the grandmother. But to this day, in many families, kajal in the eyes of children continues to be overwhelming. The belief behind this is that applying kajal does not make the child look and the eyes widen. But the doctor’s opinion is completely opposite. According to doctors, kajal in the eye can be harmful to the child. Let us know how.

Why Children Should Not Apply Kajal
More than 50 percent lead is used to make mascara. Lead is very harmful to health. It affects the kidneys, brain, bone marrow and other organs of the body. If lead levels rise in the blood, it can lead to coma, motility and cramps. He may die.

The effect of kajal on a child
Because the baby’s body is still developing, exposure to lead can have an adverse effect on health.

How safe is Kajal at home?
Homemade kajal is natural. Therefore it is argued that it is safe to use kajal at home for the eyes of the children. Usually, kajal is applied with the finger over the baby’s eyes. Because of this, the baby’s eyes can get infected.

Here are some myths and facts about applying Kajal in the eye-
Myth – Kajal catches the eye of a child every day and enlarges his eyes and eyelashes
– true
By applying kajal, the baby’s eyes don’t get bigger.

The idea – by applying kajal, the baby can sleep for a long time.
No such research on Kajal has come to the fore, which confirms this. Usually every child sleeps for 18 to 19 hours a day.

The idea – is homemade mascara safe?
Homemade kajal may be better than any other commercial kajal available in the market, but the carbon in it is harmful to children’s eyes. In addition, directly applying this kajal in the eyes of a child, it can also cause eye infections.

The idea – Kajal rescues the evil eye.
Applying Kajal protects the child from the evil eye, which is a personal belief of the people. There is no scientific basis for this.

MYTH – Kajal sharpens the baby’s eyesight.
If this is the case, all doctors around the world are advised to apply kajal to all patients with eyesight.

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