Ishq May Marjavan 2 8 November 2020 Written Update: Ridhima goes to the temple and prays to God

Ishq May Marjavan 2 8 November 2020 Written Update: Ridhima goes to the temple and prays to God

Today’s episode begins by asking if Wansh Riddhima can do it on her behalf. He grabs Ridhima’s hand and makes her sit down. Vansh further rests on Ridhima’s lap and asks her not to leave her alone tonight. Ridhima remembers her moment with Wansh and gets bored.

She further sleeps with Wansh and talks to Wansh who is sleeping, he heard something from her but she can’t meet it. Ridhima says she has to leave Wansh alone today because she has to fix things that are confusing. She decides to bring back Ragini from Kabir. Before leaving, Ridhima kisses Wansh in the forehead.

Next, Ridhima goes to the temple and prays to God. She vows to bring Ragini back. The masked man looks at Ridhima from a distance. Ridhima feels someone’s presence and looks back. She doesn’t see anyone.

Later, Ridhima goes to Kabir and sees the furniture break down. She asks Kabir what she is doing and where Ragini is. Kabir says that because somebody took Ragini away from him, he was putting out his frustration.

Ridhima is shocked and she gives Kabir her responsibility, so he tells her how he is indifferent. She asks Kabir to discontinue the mission since Vanish does not kill Ragini. Kabir tells Riddhimali that he ran behind the man who called him Ragini but he thought he was fighting a little shadow.

According to Ridhima Kabir, she too sensed some shadows on her. She suspects someone from VR Bhavan is trying to harm Wansh. Ridhima vows to unveil the person. Kabir is shocked. Next, Ridhima goes back to the VR Bhavan and sees the family picture. Who does she think Wansh can beat? Ridhima is concluded between Aryan and Anupriya and no one tries to harm Vanish. The masked man looks at Ridhima again.

In the meantime Aryan comes to Ridhima. He asks her what she is doing here. Ridhima asks Arya if his mission is over. Aryan thinks about the memory card and tells Riddhimali that she has settled the matter and that she should pay attention to her mission. Ridhima doubt on the Aryan.

The masked man gets caught and Ridhima chases the person. She finds a shoe in person. The masked man runs away. Ridhima decides to catch the person. Here, Wansch and Angre look for clues to reach the kidnapper. They find a CCTV camera but its file is corrupted. Wansh asks Angre to restore the files.

On the other hand, Ridhima puts a trap on the veiled person. She manages to catch a masked man and is startled to find Sia behind the mask.