Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th October 2020 Written Update: A rift rises again between Ridhima and Vansh

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The serial begins with Anupriya catching the queen of Mata’s queen, saying that her mother will be punished in front of the queen, who will be punished so that no stepmother will love her stepmother’s children more than the real mother. She raises the trident to stab herself. Everyone is shocked.

However, Wansh puts a hand on Anupriya’s stomach before stabbing herself. Anupriya, seeing that he was hurt, asks why he forgave her when he punished himself. The rest of the family walked to Wansh.

Anupriya and Ridhima are left alone. Anupriya tells Ridhima that a girl who came yesterday could not make Wansh lose her trust and warned her to behave herself otherwise she would not stay at home for long.

Later, Ridhima comes into the room but Wansh asks him to leave him alone. Ridhima says he will leave only after his bandage. Wansh shouts at her and tells her that she is leaving and that she may be here but, when he is about to walk out, Ridhima stops him. Wansh scolds her for not knowing how to give pain and asks what the internal injuries are.

He refuses to do his bandage but Ridhima stops him. They share an eye lock. Ridhima says that she is his wife so this is her right and duty. She says she cares about his wounds and can feel them and she knows she has hurt him but only lovers can give him such pain. She makes him sit up.

On the other hand, Chanchal Aryan can now choose jewelry to wear calmly and share how worried she is but thankfully God saved both of them. Aryan says they should be worried and not celebrated: Ridhima who came yesterday knew the secret of Anupriya and blackmailed her so he should be careful of her. Ridhima was always stuck with Anupriya and Vansh but the latter forgave Anupriya for being her mother, so if their secret was revealed, they would not save them. Aryan asks her to rest and he warns her to be careful.

Meanwhile, Ridhima Wansh bandages in hand. He was staring at her. Wansh says that dear people trust each other, do not give in to injury. Ridhima tells her that she trusts him but he gets up and asks her why she is looking for Ragini. She is silent. He removes the bandage and tells her that her silence has given him all the answers: she will not believe him no matter what he says or does. He wonders how many questions and secrets she did not share with him. He tells Ridhima that only when the broken trust between them ends, they feel they can begin their relationship. He walks away without letting Ridhima say anything.

Ridhima cries and wonders every time Wansh tries to take her place in the heart, the gust of wind destroys everything. She wonders when their rift will end.

Vanash knows that many secrets are hidden from him but he did not expect the truth of Anupriya’s first son to come out this way. When Ridhima tells him that he will be leaving for Dubai, he says that he is lying to say that he is coming to meet Sejal. He shares all this with Sia, saying that she was shocked when she heard Ridhima talking to someone about Radhini. She remembers Ridhima talking on the phone.

Ridhima says that Ridhima was hiding a lot of things in her and that he would never have known anything about Sia unless Anupriya and Ridhima were talking about how they burned Wansh’s mother’s painting. According to Sia, no matter what, Ridhima has always taken care of him and even taken the bullet that made sense to him. He says that some secrets are well hidden, like Anupriya’s. Wansh asks what is it about Ridhima who is looking for the truth of Ragini. Sia says she may be insecure, be his wife and ask for a different girl’s name. Wansh says that one has to believe in love and not believe Ridhima.

Ridhima is sitting in the temple and looking at the bangles Wansh is wearing. The red color is a betrayal to Vanash, but she says it is a love color for her. She decides to start a new beginning without any betrayal and prays Mata Rani for strength. The nurse comes in and instructs her not to waste her tears. She repeats to him that his family is very important to Wansch and she is now part of it.

She asks Ridhima to be Wansh’s companion and save him. Ridhima agrees to cross any threshold to clear the rift between them. She asks for blessings from the Queen of Mata. When she bowed, a flower fell on her head from the idol of Queen Mata. The nurse says she was blessed and now she can fast and pray heartily for Navratri. She asks Ridhima to arrange a plate for Aarti and tells her that all the necessary things are in the backyard storeroom.

When Ridhima was about to leave, her phone rang. Sejal’s name shines. Ridhima wonders why Kabir is calling her (she has saved her number with Sejal’s name). The nurse says that Sejal may come to meet her but Ridhima tells him that Sejal has left for Dubai. Ridhima stops her as she tells him that the nurse is going to take the call to talk to Sedil but Arathi has less time. The nurse walks away.

Ridhima chooses Kabir’s call once in the room and Kabir says that if there is no evidence against Wansh in the next seven days he will be permanently suspended. He tells her she can only help him. Ridhima feels sorry for him but she refuses to do what he is asking because Vanish is not guilty but innocent. Kabir asks for proof of her innocence and asks how she can protect the devil like him. Ridhima says she believed in Vanesha and that he could not take anyone’s life. Someone is keeping an eye on her.