Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th December 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Ridhima talking to a lawyer. They say I got the NOC signed by everyone. Prosecutors say I need an affidavit signed by Wansh saying he was alive, he did not lose his life in the accident. She’s fine, you get it, you can come. She ends the call and I know that Kabir is helpless because he lost, once the papers are filed, there will be no problem. The energy goes away.

She tells him what happened to the lights. She goes to check. She listens to Vanessa’s voice. Wansh says you are thinking of me Ridhima. She tells me that Vihan is kidding or that I heard Wansh’s voice. She drops the torch and goes to look. They say I’m not too far from you. The door is locked. They say it’s a trap. He says I miss you Ridhima.

She sees an audio player there. Someone walks into the room. She said I was right, someone is kidding with me. She remembers unloading the keys into the room. That means someone wants to steal papers. She found the door locked. She opens the door. Some clowns can be seen taking paper.

She manages to go inside. She looks shocked at the clown. She remembers opening the door with a hair pin. She said you thought you’d trap me and get the papers, give me the papers. She catches him. They use pepper spray on er and run. The lights are on. Vihan comes and asks what happened.

She says it all. She says she couldn’t see his face, I knew it was Kabir. He asks her to get up. They tell me something, how can you be sure. He says the NOC is threatening to acquire Kabir’s property. He says he may be Aryan. She says no, he is Kabir, a note that reveals him.

They wait, I’ll put the eye drops. She tells me to go. He wraps her hands. She asks why you did this. They say you can go out, please cooperate. He puts eye drops and punches in her eyes. She remembers Wansh.

They say I know everything, darling. He unwrapped her hands, and Vansh knew everything, all right. He laughs. She is Vihan, this is not a joke. I have to focus on one thing, I need to get back the NOC papers, Kabir came here as Joker, Kabir played many secrets, now the sun of tomorrow will get your end. She’s gone.

Ridhima thanks the lawyer and says that I do not need NOC now, I did not know that we can get an affidavit from the local police station that the person’s dead body has not been found. The Joker looks up. She puts the papers in the temple. I was worried when I missed the NOC, I knew you would always save me, ”he says.

She walks into the storeroom. The Joker follows. She closes the door and tells you where you run now Kabir, you are badly trapped now. She remembers seeing the clown’s shadow. I got you here, this is my trap Kabir, remove this mask, there is no one here, leave the hope that you will get these papers, she says, I want to see your defeat, anger and shame. She goes to remove the mask.

He tries to run. She traps him. I told you Kabir, you don’t take me seriously, now how do you run, what do you get, blank papers. He checks and looks at the blank papers. I thought I lost the game, when you kept an eye on me, I thought you should use your weapon against you, I called the lawyer, I asked for this, I did this and you were trapped. He grinds the papers.

You have played so many games, the time when the family is aware of your truth, I call all the people there, they say they put you out there. She opens the door and sees Kabir outside, in a phone call. She says Kabir here…. She turns to look at the clown. They say who it is. She closes the door and stands outside Kabir, telling you who you are.

The clown plays the sound recording. How did you get it, she asks who you are. He laughs. She says give me the phone. He puts a trap on her face. He removes the mask. She is shocked to see Vihan.

She says, Vihan, you are keeping an eye on me. Vihan Yes, you are very sharp and clever. Even then you did not know that I would like to interfere in the affairs of others. Yes, it is I, it was Imp, the day I stepped here, I knew something was wrong, I did not know who was right and who was There had to be research done. She scolds him. She says I was cheating, I thought I could trust you.

He catches her and says these things don’t suit you. He teases her. A woman who can play a dangerous game with the family for money, she can kill her husband. Learn to laugh, good laugh and thank me. She says thank you to my foot, you stole the NOC and doubled me, tea seller, our visit, I think this is your plot.

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