Ishq mein marjawan 2 20 October 2020 Written Updates

When we talk to Ridhima Kabir, if I want to avoid being suspended, then I have to find evidence against the dynasty, then I can avoid the suspension and all this Ridhima you can do it and then they say Ridhima says you have found the evidence for me but the proof for something. Riddhima is never angry about this, then when Ridhima says that the forum has not committed any crime, what proof should I give you?

Ishq May Marjavan 2 19 October 2020 Written Updates

After that, it is said that sometimes let’s say Munshi has not committed any crime, then you give me evidence and the two say there is no evidence of it, but I have complete faith and my faith is enough. Don’t ask anything about this from Ragini.