Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihan asks who is wansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihan asks who is wansh

Ridhima wansh… Vihan asks who is wansh, my name is vihan, do you know me?” She remembers Wansh. She says Vihan… he nods. She asks how this could happen, like the same face wansh. They ask if you have an old habit of talking to you, wait a minute, I know, I saved you from goons yesterday, okay. She wonders how this could happen. She checks the papers she keeps there. They ask why are you checking in here. FB shows Vihin seeing Ridhima coming on CTV footage.

He takes pictures and puts them under some basket. He sits at his desk. FB ends. Riddhima takes the basket. He stops her. He asks who gave you permission to come in, you beautiful girl, you have to come knocking. She thinks of Vanessa’s words. He wakes up, your face fades as you see the devil, I hope you came to thank me, I’m right, I deserve to be thanked, but I want money, 1 lakh fine, 1000, 99,000 for injuries, to be there to save your life, I have less time, I am too expensive.

He looks at her and the cash flows if you open your palms, I’m right. If you don’t have money, no problem, I accept digital payments, but there is a girls’ safety tax surcharge, are you muted mode, your choice, I would like to make it clear, you don’t waste time If you do, you can go, you have more time, I have a short life, I have no time to waste, your eyes are so beautiful, I appreciate it, it does not mean you have got a license to look at me, please leave. She was leaving. She turns to look at him. He closes the door. He says bingo…. And smiles.

She comes home and thinks of Vihan and Wansh’s words … She thinks how this is possible, there is no difference in their faces. Kabir collides with her. Sindoor falls on her. She looks shocked. He laughs. She slaps him. All come. Kabir gets angry. Ridhima asks how dare you do this, have you forgotten the limits.

Kabir was very sorry, I was heading towards the temple. He says some mistakes cannot be forgiven. He says I never did this on purpose. Nanny says he made it wrong, he apologizes, forget it. Riddhima goes on. Ishani says for the first time, Ridhima has done something right. Ishani says stop it. She is sorry Kabir, Ridhima Wansh, who is on her side, is in great shock, forgive her if possible. Ishani goes on. Anupriya looks at him. He says Riddhima, you have to pay a big price for this slap.

Ridhima swindles Sindoor with her hair. Kabir comes. Ask her how dare she come here, get out. They say you know this color…. She pushes him away. He paints on her reflection. He says the color of Sindoor. She throws something away and breaks the mirror. She asks now? Is your nightmare broken? He says, times have changed, I have heard that it is good to marry some widows. She shouts as Kabir, don’t be brave, I will always be Wanesha’s wife, I will be with Wansh at every birth.

He really listens. He holds her face and says you have this love on me. She pushes him away and says my illusion broke, that time, truth and relationships changed. He is right, change is constant, this is the rule of the world, as it has changed before, it can change again, what harm to marry me, okay, you love Wunsh, I give you the freedom to love bonus, you place it in his heart, I have no objection.

You admit that you have no love in your heart, you want to get me, they say it shows your ugly intent. He goes to her and I can do it anytime I want to get you, but no, if you are my wife, the little voices raised against me in this house will be calmed. Think about what it was like before, in olden times, to say no. She asks what you mean.

They say the list is long, but I’ll tell you by making it compact. He steps on a piece of glass and counts…. Ishani is pregnant, her baby is at risk. Nanny’s life, Aryan, Chanchal, I actually bought these two, you think, its a benefit to both of us, it hurts your loved ones if you say no. She does what you want, she says I will never marry you. This stubbornness, he asks that no one will object if you marry me. She says, “Get lost before I slap you again.” She raises her hand. He holds her hand. Keep them under control, slap you out, this offer is the result, maybe you can’t pay the price for a slap yet, you agree to marry me in the next six hours, it’s obvious. He says six o’clock, Riddhima… She looks at him.