Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihan asks what happened now

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihan asks what happened now

Ridhima saying what Kabir will do in six hours. She thinks of his words. Kabir can do anything in his greed, he can really hurt Ishani and her child, I have to do something before things get worse. She’s gone. Vihan I played my move, I have to see if the beautiful Roy Singhania returns or not, heads, she comes, tails you idiot vihan. He checks the heads. He laughs. They say my coin has no option for tails, and I don’t want to lose. Anupriya says I have done mithibath for everyone.

Kabir has made a day cake and today Anupriya Mithibhat has made a lot of sweets, Chanchal says. Nanny says Vansh loved her so much. Aryan mother, I think something is going wrong. Radhima comes to Kabir’s room. They say you are too old, I thought you would come to talk to me. I slapped you with this hand, it’s my fault, please don’t punish my family, please punish me. He asks what you are doing, you apologize, you have to apologize from the heart.

She excused me Kabir, I have slapped you and made a mistake, this will not happen again, you can burn or cut my hand, I will not say anything. He asks if you are crazy, I am not so ruthless, I mean, your hands get my name mehendi, I cannot burn it, but I can not leave you unpunished, you did not take me seriously, so I worked on my plan, your family gets punished, come on, my They see that Mummy has done Mithibath, they are eating it, they have no idea their Death Counter will start. She asks what is, what is included in it. They say our marriage is impossible, it is impossible to stop this game. She runs downstairs to say no.

Anupriya asks the nurse to eat it, organic sugar is used, she can have it. The nurse nodded. Ridhima comes in and pulls the table cover to put everything down. Ishani asks what you did, you spread all the food down. Kabir comes. The nurse asks what is all this. Ridhima says Wansh liked Mithibath, I thought of him. Ishani says Ridhima needs a psychiatrist. She’s gone. The nurse and everybody go. Anupriya says next time, think before slapping my son. She’s gone. Rabima says, if you do such things, you will be sent to a mental asylum. Just think, I need property from a nanny. I have to marry you. She cries.

Riddhima is sitting with Sia. She thanked God, you returned from the hospital, I know you suffered a lot, you will soon be back on your feet. She’s gone. Anupriya arrives. She takes a pillow to suffocate her. She laughs and says it’s not fun to kill you like this, you know the truth, I’m protecting you here, you have to wait for death, it’s even more painful. She laughs and says poor Sia. Cried Sia. Anupriya goes on. The nanny prays in the temple. Anupriya arrives. The nurse asks who you got it from. Anupriya says its Ridhima and Kabir’s engagement shagun plate.

The nurse asks how you thought of this. Anupriya says think about Ridhima, she is a widow at a young age. The nurse says but I will not let her go from this house. Anupriya says she will be with us after marrying Kabir. Anachriya is right, Kabir is a good person, she is suffocating with grief, she cannot think of herself, we should think of her. The nanny says yes, but we can’t decide for her, she never accepts the relationship, she loves Vansh, she can give her life, but she can never agree to marry anyone, maybe we can convince her to marry a few years later, but now she has memories of Vansh. Chanchal is fine, we go and ask her, come on. Nanny is fine, we ask Riddhima. The nurse takes Shagun’s plate to Riddhima. She answers me honestly and says that you are ready to marry Kabir. Ridhima looks at Kabir. Ishani asks how you can think of this nurse.

The nurse says that Chanchal and Anupriya gave me this advice to marry you and Kabir, I told them it is your life so it will be your decision, tell me if you want this relationship. Kabir puts a little cutter on Ishani’s neck and shows it to her back. He will sign Ridhima. FB Wansh brings Ishani to the room. She looks at some toys. Surprisingly, he asks how the girl liked pink toys, and how the boy loved blue toys. There is more time for delivery, your passion is more than mine, she says, love you. I also thought of baby names, if the witness is its girl, Aditya is its boy. She says put the brakes on. He says I’m excited and happy to be an uncle, I want to be the best uncle in the world. She’s even better, she says she loves you. They say they love you too. They hug. Ridhima smiled at him. FB ends. Ridhima thought it would be tough for me to say yes and no. Its simple, Ridhima, says no, says Ishani. Dadi Ishani says, Leave her answer, I need to know it from Ridhima. Anupriya asks Ridhima to answer. Riddhima nodded. The nurse and everyone else are shocked. Kabir takes the cutter back. Ishani applause tatti wow Ridhima, now I know your whole plan, you have killed Wansh, Sia is in that dying state, you are getting married here, wonderful. The nurse cries. Kabir and Anupriya smile. Ridhima thinks I should say that I am doing this to save you and your child.

Ishani says I hate you and your character today. Chanchal asks what is wrong with her if she wants to move on, Kabir family, what is the decision of the nurse. The nanny goes. Ridhima feels that I know I have broken the nurse’s faith, forgive me. Everybody goes. Kabir signs Anupriya. She’s gone. Riddhima cries. Kerchief gives Kabir Ridhima. She throws it away. I tell you, you have to say yes, they say.

Precape:Vihan asks what happened now. Ridhima says I need your help. She shows him a picture of Wansh. They ask why you photoshopped my picture. She says she is my husband wansh, I want you to take his avatar and help me, I am ready to give you as much money as you can, it is my job to train you as wunsh, do you do my job.

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